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Planta Daninha
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Table of contents
Planta daninha vol.30 no.3 Viçosa July/Sept. 2012

 ·  Chrysoperla externa (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) and Utetheisa ornatrix (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) on organically grown Crotalaria juncea (Fabaceae)
Costa, M.A.; Tavares, W.S.; Pereira, A.I.A.; Cruz, I.; Serrão, J.E.; Zanuncio, J.C.

 ·  Initialism as a mechanism of weed interference: can a crop plant be blinded?
Vidal, R.A.; Trezzi, M.M.; Kozlowski, L.A.; Prates, M.V.B.; Cieslik, L.F.; Merotto Jr., A.

 ·  The effects of pigweed redroot (Amaranthus retoflexus) weed competition and its economic thresholds in corn (Zea mays)
Vazin, F.

 ·  Morphophysiology of corn plants in competition with picão-preto and trapoeraba submitted to clearings
Lemos, J.P.; Galvão, J.C.C.; Silva, A.A.; Fontanetti, A.; Corrêa, M.L.P.; Cecon, P.R.

 ·  Initial growth of Merremia cissoides, Mucuna aterrima and Neonotonia wightii
Campos, L.H.F.; Mello, M.S.C.; Carvalho, S.J.P.; Nicolai, M.; Christoffoleti, P.J.

 ·  Soil fertility and maize yields in green manure systems in northern Minas Gerais
Valadares, R.V.; Duarte, R.F.; Menezes, J.B.C.; Fernandes, L.A.; Santos, L.D. Tuffi; Sampaio, R.A.; Mota, T.C.; Almeida, R.M.

 ·  Photosynthetic efficiency and water consumption of Ipomoea triloba after herbicide application
Araldi, R.; Girotto, M.; Velini, E.D.; Gomes, G.L.G.C.; Jasper, S.P.; Carbonari, C.A.; Trindade, M.L.B.

 ·  Mapping the bio-volume of submerged aquatic vegetation through hydro-acoustic data and high-resolution multi-spectral imaging
Boschi, L. Sabo; Galo, M.L.B.T.; Rotta, L.H.S.; Watanabe, F.S.Y.

 ·  Ecotoxicity of herbicides for the aquatic macrophyte (Azolla caroliniana)
Silva, A.F.; Cruz, C.; N. Neto, A.; Pitelli, R.A.

 ·  Water use efficiency and weed interference in melon crop under conventional and no-tillage systems
Teófilo, T.M.S.; Freitas, F.C.L.; Medeiros, J.F.; Fernandes, D.; Grangeiro, L.C.; Tomaz, H.V.Q.; Rodrigues, A.P.M.S.

 ·  Burn-down timing of Urochloa ruziziensis and its effect on RR soybean yield
Nepomuceno, M.P.; Varela, R.M.; Alves, P.L.C.A.; Martins, J.V.F.

 ·  Productivity and quality of soybean seeds in function of desiccation stages and herbicides
Guimarães, V.F.; Hollmann, M.J.; Fioreze, S.L.; Echer, M.M.; Rodrigues-Costa, A.C.P.; Andreotti, M.

 ·  Reduction of Alexander grass (Urochloa plantaginea) infestation with aplication of residual herbicides on common bean
Kalsing, A.; Vidal, R.A.

 ·  Changes in the physiological characteristics of sugarcane cultivars submitted to herbicide application
Torres, L.G.; Ferreira, E.A.; Rocha, P.R.R.; Faria, A.T.; Gonçalves, V.A.; Galon, L.; Silva, A.F.; Silva, A.A.

 ·  Tolerance of Mucuna species to herbicides used in sugarcane culture
Silva, G.B.F.; Azania, C.A.M.; Novo, M.C.S.S.; Wutke, E.B.; Zera, F.S.; Azania, A.A.P.M.

 ·  Photosynthetic efficiency of sugarcane cultivars and weed species after diuron application
Girotto, M.; Araldi, R.; Velini, E.D.; Carbonari, C.A.; Gomes, G.L.G.C.; Trindade, M.L.B.

 ·  Weed selectivity and control with oxyfluorfen and sulfentrazone in young arabica coffee plantations
Magalhães, C.E.O.; Ronchi, C.P.; Ruas, R.A.A.; Silva, M.A.A.; Araújo, F.C.; Almeida, W.L.

 ·  ALS-inhibiting herbicides applied in upland-rice post-emergence
Petter, F.A.; Pacheco, L.P.; Zuffo, A.M.; Alcântara Neto, F.; Ribeiro, W.R.M.

 ·  Action of Eleusine coracana in the remediation of soils contaminated with picloram
Silva, L.O.C.; Silva, A.A; Queiroz, M.E.L.R.; Lima, C.F.; Rocha, P.R.R.; D'Antonino, L.

 ·  Sorption and desorption of ametryn in Brazilian Latosols
Silva, L.O.C.; Silva, A.A.; D'Antonino, L.; Queiroz, M.E.L.R.; Lima, C.F.; Freitas, F.C.L.

 ·  Ametryn mobility in soils of Rio Grande do Norte semiarid region
Freitas, F.C.L.; Silva, A.A.; Silva, L.O.C.; Rocha, P.R.R.; Guimarães, F.C.N.; Freitas, M.A.M.; Felipe, R. S.

 ·  Residual activity of diuron, oxyfluorfen, and prometryne for Euphorbia heterophylla control
Oliveira Jr., R.S.; Carneiro, J.C.; Constantin, J.; Santos, G.; Francischini, A.C.; Oliveira Neto, A.M.

 ·  Evaluation of glyphosate application on transgenic soybean and its relationship with shikimic acid
Franco, D.A.S.; Almeida, S.D.B.; Cerdeira, A.L.; Duke, S.O.; Moraes, R.M.; Lacerda, A.L.S.; Matallo, M.B.

 ·  Sensitivity analysis of Lolium multiflorum biotypes to Glyphosate, ACCase and ALS-inhibiting herbicides
Diez De Ulzurrun, P.; Leaden, M.I.

 ·  Resistance to ACCase inhibitors in Eleusine indica from Brazil involves a target site mutation
Osuna, M.D.; Goulart, I.C.G.R.; Vidal, R.A.; Kalsing, A.; Ruiz Santaella, J.P.; De Prado, R.