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Brazilian Journal of Botany
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Rev. bras. Bot. vol.26 no.2 São Paulo June 2003

Spatial distribution of terrestrial fanerogamic flora in the Abrolhos National Marine Park, BA
Kemenes, Alexandre

Temporal dynamics of two species of Chaetophoraceae (Chlorophyta) in tropical streams of São Paulo State, Southeastern Brazil
Branco, Ciro C.Z.; Necchi Junior, Orlando

Changes in polyamines content associated with zygotic embryogenesis in the Brazilian pine, Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Ktze.
Astarita, Landro V.; Handro, Walter; Floh, Eny I.S.

Leaf anatomy in young plants of Solanum lycocarpum A.St.-Hil. (Solanaceae)
Elias, Sandra R.M.; Assis, Rosângela M.; Stacciarini-Seraphin, Eliane; Rezende, Maria Helena

Floral morphology and anatomy of Pilocarpus pennatifolius Lem. (Rutaceae)
Souza, Luiz A.; Mourão, Kátia S.M.; Moscheta, Ismar S.; Rosa, Sônia M.

Comparative anatomy of leaves and stems of Axonopus scoparius (Flügge) Kuhlm. and Axonopus fissifolius (Raddi) Kuhlm. (Poaceae)
Silva, Lenir M.; Alquini, Yedo

Dynamics of litter production and decomposition of araribá (Centrolobium tomentosum Guill. ex Benth. _ Fabaceae) in a riparian forest, Jacaré-Pepira river, São Paulo
Aidar, Marcos P.M.; Joly, Carlos A.

Reproductive biology and pollination in Epidendrum paniculatum Ruiz & Pavón (Orchidaceae)
Pansarin, Emerson R.

Seed germination of "uvaia" (Eugenia pyriformis Cambess. - Myrtaceae) after cutting
Silva, Cristiana V.; Bilia, Denise A.C.; Maluf, Angela M.; Barbedo, Claudio J.

Filamentous fungi isolated from corn derived products
Ribeiro, Sandra A.L.; Cavalcanti, Maria A.Q.; Fernandes, Maria J.S.; Lima, Débora M.M.

Allellopathic effects of the alcoholic extract of clove and eugenol
Mazzafera, Paulo

The genera Canomaculina and Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Ascomycota) in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil
Eliasaro, Sionara; Donha, Cristine G.

Effect of temperature and light on Acacia polyphylla DC. seed germination
Araújo Neto, João C.; Aguiar, Ivor B.; Ferreira, Vilma M.

Glomus clarum Nicol. & Schenck and G.etunicatum Becker & Gerd.: cultivated in soil and aeroponic culture
Paiva, Laura M.; Silva, Maryluce A.; Silva, Paulo C.; Maia, Leonor C.

New infraspecific taxa and combinations in Pilocarpus Vahl (Rutaceae)
Skorupa, Ladislau A.