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Brazilian Journal of Botany
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Table of contents
Rev. bras. Bot. vol.27 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2004

Neste fascículo
Buckeridge, Marcos S.; Barros, Fábio de

Complex systems: new forms to see Botany
Souza, Gustavo M.; Buckeridge, Marcos S.

Biology and ecology of arumã, Ischnosiphon polyphyllus (Marantaceae) on the Anavilhanas archipelago, Rio Negro, Central Amazon
Nakazono, Erika M.; Piedade, Maria Teresa F.

Ultrastructural analysis of in vitro direct and indirect organogenesis
Appezzato-da-Glória, Beatriz; Machado, Silvia R.

Alismatales from the upper and middle Araguaia river basin (Brazil)
Koehler, Samantha; Bove, Claudia Petean

Novitates Velloziacearum florae phanerogamicae Sancti Pauli
Mello-Silva, Renato de

Physiognomy and structure of a seasonal semidecidual lowland forest fragment in Northeastern Brazil
Andrade, Karla V.S.A.; Rodal, Maria Jesus N.

Intrapopulation genetic structure in Cryptocarya moschata Nees (Lauraceae)
Moraes, Pedro L.R. de; Monteiro, Reinaldo; Vencovsky, Roland

Vascular species composition of dry and swamp grasslands in a savanna area, Itirapina - SP, Brazil
Tannus, João L.S.; Assis, Marco Antonio

Morphology and reproduction of Predaea feldmannii Børgesen (Nemastomataceae, Rhodophyta), an uncommon species from Brazil
Guimarães, Silvia M.P.B.; Horta, Paulo A.

Anatomy of Tillandsia L. (Bromeliaceae) scapes from the "Campos Gerais" of Paraná, Brazil
Segecin, Simone; Scatena, Vera L.

Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in populations of two legume trees: Stryphnodendron adstringens (Mart.) Coville (Mimosoideae) and Cassia ferruginea (Schrad.) Schrad. ex DC. (Caesalpinoideae)
Lemos Filho, José P.; Goulart, Maíra F.; Lovato, Maria B.

Floristic and phytosociology of shrub and arboreous strata of a remain "cerradão" in a conservation area of São Paulo State
Pereira-Silva, Erico F.L.; Santos, José Eduardo dos; Kageyama, Paulo Y.; Hardt, Elisa

Synopsis of Huberia DC. (Melastomataceae: Merianieae)
Baumgratz, José Fernando A.

Floristic composition and community structure of vascular epiphytes in a gallery forest of the Central Depression of Rio Grande do Sul
Giongo, Claudia; Waechter, Jorge L.

Growth and protein content in soybean seeds affected by phytohormones
Nascimento, Ronaldo do; Mosquim, Paulo R.

Effect of the phosphorus on the mineral uptake and pigmentation of Azolla caroliniana Willd. (Azollaceae)
Adalberto, Paulo R.; Massabni, Antonio C.; Goulart, Antonio J.; Monti, Rubens; Lacava, Pedro M.

Growth response of three woody species seedlings from the Tropical Atlantic rain forest to changing light conditions
Duz, Sônia Regina; Siminski, Alexandre; Santos, Marisa; Paulilo, Maria Terezinha S.

Genetic structure in populations of pindaíba (Xylopia brasiliensis Sprengel) by isozymes
Pinto, Sheila Isabel do Carmo; Carvalho, Dulcinéia de

The occurrence of apomixis and parthenocarpy in some subtropical Asteraceae
Werpachowski, Jonas S.; Varassin, Isabela G.; Goldenberg, Renato