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Brazilian Journal of Botany
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Rev. bras. Bot. vol.28 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2005

Neste fascículo
Schoenlein-Crusius, Iracema H.

Community of trees of a continuum from swampy to upland forest in Coqueiral, SE Brazil
Rocha, Cinthia Tamara V.; Carvalho, Douglas Antônio de; Fontes, Marco Aurélio L.; Oliveira Filho, Ary Teixeira de; Van Den Berg, Eduardo; Marques, João José G.S. Melo

Pollination of a bromeliad community in the high montane Atlantic rain forest in Paraná state, Brazil
Kaehler, Miriam; Varassin, Isabela G.; Goldenberg, Renato

Anatomy of the leaves, bracts and scapes of Actinocephalus (Koern.) Sano (Eriocaulaceae)
Oriani, Aline; Scatena, Vera Lucia; Sano, Paulo Takeo

Influence of the longitudinal gradient (river-dam) in the silimarity of the communities of the periphytic desmids
Felisberto, Sirlene Aparecida; Rodrigues, Liliana

Buzz pollination and breeding system of two species of Sauvagesia L. (Ochnaceae)
Nadia, Tarcila de Lima; Machado, Isabel Cristina

The succession dynamics of a macroalgal community after a flood disturbance in a tropical stream from São Paulo State, southeastern Brazil
Branco, Ciro Cesar Z.; Branco, Luis Henrique Z.; Moura, Maurício Osvaldo; Bertusso, Fernando Rodrigo

Evaluation of methods of Neotropical Savanna plant samples preservation for yielding high quality DNA for molecular studies
Feres, Fabíola; Souza, Anete P. de; Amaral, Maria do Carmo E. do; Bittrich, Volker

Distyly and variation in floral traits in natural populations of Psychotria ipecacuanha (Brot.) Stokes (Rubiaceae)
Rossi, Ana Aparecida B.; Oliveira, Luiz Orlando de; Vieira, Milene F.

Nutritional status of woody species of two semideciduous forests in Uberlândia, MG
Haridasan, Mundayatan; Araújo, Glein M.

Taxonomic aspects of Schizomeris Kützing (Chaetophorales, Chlorophyta)
Pereira, Jeferson Luizi; Branco, Luis Henrique Z.

Progression of flowering and anthesis of Allium cepa L. (Alliaceae) in Candiota, RS, Brasil
Witter, Sidia; Wittmann, Dieter; Blochtein, Betina

Distribution of tree and shrub species along a gradient of soils and topography in a strip of riparian forest of the São Francisco river in Três Marias, MG, Brazil
Carvalho, Douglas Antônio; Oliveira Filho, Ary T.; Vilela, Enivanis A.; Curi, Nilton; Van Den Berg, Eduardo; Fontes, Marco Aurélio L.; Botezelli, Luciana

Tree population and community dynamics in a Brazilian tropical semideciduous forest
Appolinário, Vivette; Oliveira Filho, Ary T.; Guilherme, Frederico A.G.

Reproductive biology of two species of Jatropha L. (Euphorbiaceae) in "caatinga", northeastern Brazil
Santos, Mary Janice; Machado, Isabel Cristina; Lopes, Ariadna Valentina

Morphology, anatomy and ontogeny of Pterocarpus violaceus vogel (Fabaceae: Faboideae) samara
Nakamura, Adriana Tiemi; Oliveira, Denise Maria Trombert

Fluoride bioindicator grasses for tropical regions
Oliva, Marco Antonio; Figueiredo, José Guilherme de

Germination of newly collected diaspores of Myracrodruon urundeuva Allemão (Anacardiaceae) occurring in the cerrado of Central Brazil
Dorneles, Marieta C.; Ranal, Marli A.; Santana, Denise G.

Mating system in Caesalpinia echinata Lam. implanted in experimental arboretum
Giudice Neto, João Del; Sebbenn, Alexandre Magno; Kageyama, Paulo Y.

Leandra lapae D'El Rei Souza & Baumgratz (section Leandraria; Miconieae: Melastomataceae), a new species from Brazil
Souza, Maria Leonor D'El Rei; Baumgratz, José Fernando A.