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Brazilian Journal of Botany
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Rev. bras. Bot. vol.28 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2005

Neste fascículo
Schoenlein-Crusius, Iracema H.; Barros, Fábio de

Canopy gap structure and regeneration in tropical rain forests
Lima, Renato A. Ferreira de

Moss diversity in the tropical rainforests of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil
Costa, Denise P. da; Lima, Fernanda M.

Seasonal variation in antioxidants in leaves of young plants of Caesalpinia echinata Lam. (brazilwood)
Bulbovas, Patricia; Rinaldi, Mirian C.S.; Delitti, Welington B.C.; Domingos, Marisa

Morphology, anatomy, and development of Byrsonima intermedia A. Juss. (Malpighiaceae) fruit and seed
Souto, Letícia Silva; Oliveira, Denise Maria Trombert

Leaf anatomy as subsidy to the taxonomy of Forsteronia G.Mey. species (Apocynaceae) in cerrados of São Paulo
Rio, Maria Carolina S.; Kinoshita, Luiza S.; Castro, Marília M.

Seed germination of Gallesia integrifolia (Spreng.) Harms under different conditions of temperature, light and substrate moisture
Barros, Shirlayne S.U.; Silva, Antonio da; Aguiari, Ivor B.

Purification and characterization of a phytoalexin elicitor from spores of the saprobe Mucor ramosissimus
Simões, Kelly; Dietrich, Sonia M.C.; Hahn, Michael G.; Braga, Marcia R.

Morphology and anatomy of the fruit and seed in development of Pilocarpus pennatifolius Lem. (Rutaceae)
Souza, Andreza de; Mourão, Káthia S. Mathias; Souza, Luiz Antonio de

Diurnal variations of non-structural carbohydrates in vegetative tissues of Melinis minutiflora, Echinolaena inflexa and Lolium multiflorum (Poaceae)
Souza, Amanda de; Sandrin, Carla Z.; Moraes, Moemy G.; Figueiredo-Ribeiro, Rita de Cássia L.

Juvenile dynamics of the endemic and rare Enterolobium glaziovii Benth. (Mimosaceae) around reproductive trees in the Atlantic forest, Brazil
Ramos, Flavio N.; Silvia-Matos, Dalva M.; Santos, Flavio A. Maës dos

Pre-dispersal hazards and seed production in Ipomoea pes-caprae
Castellani, Tânia Tarabini; Santos, Flavio A. Maës dos

Reproductive biology of Psychotria suterella (Rubiaceae) and the approach of ecological scales for flowering and fruiting phenology
Lopes, Luciano E.; Buzato, Silvana

Chromosome numbers and systematic implications in species of subfamily Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae) from the Southern region of Brazil
Biondo, Elaine; Miotto, Silvia Teresinha S.; Schifino-Wittmann, Maria Teresa

Comparative wood anatomy of Xylopia aromatica (Lam.) Mart. in "cerrado" and plantation area of Pinus elliottii Engelm.
Luchi, Agnes E.; Silva, Luiz C. Pereira; Moraes, Marcelo A.

Periphytic cyanobacteria in two lentic environments from the upper Paraná River floodplain
Fonseca, Iraúza A.; Rodrigues, Liliana

Olyra bahiensis (Poaceae - Olyreae): a new species from the Atlantic rain forest of the State of Bahia, Brazil
Oliveira, Reyjane Patrícia de; Longhi-Wagner, Hilda Maria