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Brazilian Journal of Botany
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Table of contents
Rev. bras. Bot. vol.31 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2008

Mazzoni-Viveiros, Solange Cristina

 ·  Immunocytochemistry of the mucilage cells of Araucaria angustifolia (Bertol.) Kuntze (Araucariaceae)
Mastroberti, Alexandra Antunes; Mariath, Jorge Ernesto de Araujo

 ·  Sphingophily and breeding system in Bauhinia curvula Benth. (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae) in " cerrado" of Central Brazil
Munin, Roberto Lobo; Teixeira, Reinaldo Chaves; Sigrist, Maria Rosângela

 ·  Physiognomy and structure of a seasonal montane forest at Borborema massif, Pernambuco - Brazil
Nascimento, Ladivania M. do; Rodal, Maria Jesus N.

 ·  Relations between the structure of terrestrial herbaceous synusiae and canopy cover in a seasonal forest in southern Brazil
Inácio, Camila Dellanhese; Jarenkow, João André

 ·  Influence of natural gaps and anthropic trails in the reproductive phenology of Gymnanthes concolor (Spreng.) Müll. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae)
Alberti, Luis Fernando; Morellato, L. Patrícia C.

 ·  Population genetic structure of Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. (Leguminosae - Caesalpinioideae) in forest fragments in " Pontal do Paranapanema" , SP, Brazil
Martins, Karina; Santos, João Dagoberto dos; Gaiotto, Fernanda Amato; Moreno, Maria Andréia; Kageyama, Paulo Yoshio

 ·  Ontogeny and structure of the pericarp and the seed coat of Miconia albicans (Sw.) Triana (Melastomataceae) from " cerrado" , Brazil
Cortez, Priscila Andressa; Carmello-Guerreiro, Sandra Maria

 ·  Hemisyncarpy and appendicular nectary approached by floral ontogeny of Mandevilla velame (A. St.-Hil.) Pichon, Apocynoideae
Gomes, Sueli Maria; Kinoshita, Luiza Sumiko; Castro, Marília de Moraes

 ·  Fructan production in Vernonia herbacea (Vell.) Rusby is related to adequate nitrogen supply and period of cultivation
Cuzzuol, Geraldo R. F.; Carvalho, Maria Angela M.; Zaidan, Lilian B. P.

 ·  The genus Habenaria (Orchidaceae) in the Brazilian Amazon
Batista, João A. N.; Silva, João Batista F. da; Bianchetti, Luciano de Bem

 ·  Ecological distribution of stream macroalgal communities from " Parque Nacional de Itatiaia" , states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Necchi Júnior, Orlando; Branco, Luis H.Z.; Spezamiglio, Daniel N.

 ·  Localization of the cotyledon reserves of Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) K. Schum., T. subincanum Mart., T. bicolor Bonpl. and their analogies with T. cacao L.
Martini, Maria Helena; Lenci, Camila Gonçalves; Figueira, Antonio; Tavares, Débora de Queiroz

 ·  Anomalous somatic embryos in Acca sellowiana (O. Berg) Burret (Myrtaceae)
Pescador, Rosete; Kerbauy, Gilberto Barbante; Viviani, Daniela; Kraus, Jane Elizabeth

 ·  Floristic composition and vegetation cover of the savannas in the " Alter do Chão" region, Santarém - PA
Magnusson, William E.; Lima, Albertina P.; Albernaz, Ana L.K.M.; Sanaiotti, Tânia M.; Guillaumet, Jean-Louis

 Point of View
 ·  Species accumulation curve and sampling sufficiency in tropical forests
Schilling, Ana Cristina; Batista, João Luis Ferreira

 ·  Why publish?
Scarano, Fabio Rubio