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Brazilian Journal of Botany
On-line version ISSN 1806-9959


Table of contents
Braz. J. Bot. vol.35 no.2 São Paulo  2012

Dietrich, Sonia M.C.

 Bichemistty and Physiology
 ·  Germination, initial growth, and biomass allocation in three native Cerrado species
Saboya, Pablo; Borghetti, Fabian

 ·  Allozyme variation in a natural population of Stryphnodendron adstringens in the Rio Preto State Park, southeastern Brazil
Glasenapp, Jacqueline Siqueira; Barbosa, Priscila Barros; Casali, Vicente Wagner Dias; Martins, Ernane Ronie; Cruz, Cosme Damião

 Ecology and Biogeography
 ·  Floristic composition and phytogeography of the tree component of Araucaria Forest fragments in southern Brazil
Higuchi, Pedro; Silva, Ana Carolina da; Ferreira, Tiago Sousa; Souza, Sheila Trierveiler de; Gomes, Juliano Pereira; Silva, Karina Montibeller da; Santos, Kristiana Fiorentin do

 ·  Impacts of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam construction on pioneer vegetation formations along the Xingu River, Pará State, Brazil
Cunha, Denise de Andrade; Ferreira, Leandro Valle

 Systematics, Phylogeny and Floristics
 ·  Corticolous cyanobacteria from tropical forest remnants in northwestern São Paulo State, Brazil
Lemes-da-Silva, Nadia Martins; Branco, Luis Henrique Zanini; Necchi Júnior, Orlando

 ·  Planktonic diatoms in lotic and lentic environments in the Lago dos Tigres hydrologic system (Britânia, Goiás, Brazil): Coscinodiscophyceae and Fragilariophyceae
Dunck, Bárbara; Nogueira, Ina de Souza; Machado, Maria das Graças

 ·  Lecythidaceae Poit. in the Tupé Sustainable Development Reserve, Manaus, Brazil
Matta, Luisa Brasil Viana; Scudeller, Veridiana Vizoni

 ·  The genera Chara and Nitella (Chlorophyta, Characeae) in the subtropical Itaipu Reservoir, Brazil
Meurer, Thamis; Bueno, Norma Catarina

 Point of View
 ·  Brazil on the spot: Rio+20, sustainability and a role for science
Scarano, Fabio Rubio; Silva, José Maria Cardoso da; Guimarães, André Loubet; Raik, Daniela; Boltz, Frederick