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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versão On-line ISSN 1414-431X


Braz J Med Biol Res v. 31 n. 2 Ribeirão Preto Fev. 1998

Considerations about the present and future use of autoradiography
Stumpf, W.E.

Techniques of radioautography for medical and biological research
Nagata, T.

Receptor localization of steroid hormones and drugs: discoveries through the use of thaw-mount and dry-mount autoradiography
Stumpf, W.E.

Radioactive fucose as a tool for studying glycoprotein secretion
Haddad, A.

Complementarity of radioautographic and immunohistochemical techniques for localizing neuroreceptors at the light and electron microscopy level
Beaudet, A.

Quantitative receptor radioautography in the study of receptor-receptor interactions in the nucleus tractus solitarii
Fior-Chadi, D.R.; Fuxe, K.

Analysis of trophic responses in lesioned brain: focus on basic fibroblast growth factor mechanisms
Chadi, G.; Fuxe, K.

Histologic distribution of insulin and glucagon receptors
Watanabe, M.; Hayasaki, H.; Tamayama, T.; Shimada, M.

Proliferation of differentiated glial cells in the brain stem
Barradas, P.C.; Cavalcante, L.A.

Cell lineage relationship in the stomach of normal and genetically manipulated mice
Karam, S.M.

Cell proliferation and migration in the jejunum of suckling rats submitted to progressive fasting
Gomes, J.R.; Alvares, E.P.

Mitochondrial DNA synthesis studied autoradiographically in various cell types in vivo
Korr, H.; Kurz, C.; Seidler, T.O.; Sommer, D.; Schmitz, C.

Autoradiographic thyroid evaluation in short-term experimental diabetes mellitus
Nascimento-Saba, C.C.A.; Brito, A.C.; Pereira, M.J.S.; Carvalho, J.J.; Rosenthal, D.

In vitro radioautographic studies of the biodistribution of radiopharmaceuticals on blood elements
Ripoll-Hamer, E.; De-Paula, E.F.; Freitas, L.C.; Pereira, M.J.S.; Fonseca, L.M.; Gutfilen, B.; Carvalho, J.J.; Pôrto, L.C.M.S.; Bernardo-Filho, M.

Autoradiography reveals regional metabolic differences in the endometrium of pregnant and nonpregnant mice
Oliveira, S.F.; Abrahamsohn, P.; Zorn, T.M.T.