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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Table of contents
Braz J Med Biol Res vol. 31 no. 5 Ribeirão Preto May 1998

 ·  Regulation of gap junctions by protein phosphorylation
Sáez, J.C.; Martínez, A.D.; Brañes, M.C.; González, H.E.

 ·  The quality control of glycoprotein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum, a trip from trypanosomes to mammals
Parodi, A.J.

 ·  Cytokines produced by susceptible and resistant mice in the course of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection
Calich, V.L.G.; Kashino, S.S.

 Biochemistry and molecular biology
 ·  Constitutive nitric oxide synthase (cNOS) activity in Langerhans islets from streptozotocin diabetic rats
Fonovich de Schroeder, T.M.; Carattino, M.D.; Frontera, M.; Catanzaro, O.L.

 Clinical investigation
 ·  Glycosuria in glomerular diseases: histopathology and clinical correlations
Woronik, V.; Freitas, I.F.; Saldanha, L.B.; Sabbaga, E.; Marcondes, M.

 ·  Differences between remaining ability and loss of capacity in maximum aerobic impairment
Neder, J.A.; Nery, L.E.; Bagatin, E.; Lucas, S.R.; Anção, M.S.; Sue, D.Y.

 Experimental biology
 ·  Studies on the intrinsic nervous system of the wild rodent Calomys callosus digestive tract. II: The submucous plexus
Souza, N.B.; Liberti, E.A.; De-Souza, R.R.

 ·  Evaluation of the addition of ascorbic acid to the ration of cultivated Piaractus mesopotamicus (Characidae) on the infrapopulation of Anacanthorus penilabiatus (Monogenea)
Martins, M.L.

 ·  Interrelationship between adipocytes and fibroblasts during acute damage to the subcutaneous adipose tissue of rats: an ultrastructural study

 ·  Absence of linkage between MHC and a gene involved in susceptibility to human schistosomiasis
Chiarella, J.M.; Goldberg, A.C.; Abel, L.; Carvalho, E.M.; Kalil, J.; Dessein, A.

 ·  Western blot detection of infectious bursal disease virus infection
Pereira, S.R.F.G.; Travassos, C.E.P.F.; Huguenim, A.; Guimarães, A.C.C.; Silva, A.G.; Guimarães, M.A.A.M.

 Neurosciences and behavior
 ·  Neuroethologic differences in sleep deprivation induced by the single- and multiple-platform methods
Medeiros, R.; Lenneberg-Hoshino, C.; Hoshino, K.; Tufik, S.

 ·  Antinociception induced by stimulating amygdaloid nuclei in rats: changes produced by systemically administered antagonists
Oliveira, M.A.; Prado, W.A.

 ·  Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of propranolol in hypertensive patients after sublingual administration: systemic availability
Mansur, A.P.; Avakian, S.D.; Paula, R.S.; Donzella, H.; Santos, S.R.C.J.; Ramires, J.A.F.

 ·  The hyperinsulinemia produced by concanavalin A in rats is opioid-dependent and hormonally regulated
Francisco-DoPrado, J.; Zambelli, J.E.; Melo-Lima, M.H.; Ribeiro-DaSilva, G.

 Physiology and biophysics
 ·  Cardiorespiratory adaptations induced by aerobic training in middle-aged men: the importance of a decrease in sympathetic stimulation for the contribution of dynamic exercise tachycardia
Chacon-Mikahil, M.P.T.; Forti, V.A.M.; Catai, A.M.; Szrajer, J.S.; Golfetti, R.; Martins, L.E.B.; Lima-Filho, E.C.; Wanderley, J.S.; Marin-Neto, J.A.; Maciel, B.C.; Gallo-Jr., L.