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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versão On-line ISSN 1414-431X


Braz J Med Biol Res v. 31 n. 7 Ribeirão Preto Jul. 1998

 ·  Snake venom metalloproteinases and disintegrins: interactions with cells
Kamiguti, A.S.; Zuzel, M.; Theakston, R.D.G.

 ·  Chemoreceptors and cardiovascular control in acute and chronic systemic hypoxia
Marshall, J.M.

 ·  The effects of surgery on gastrointestinal motor activity
Quigley, .M.M.; Thompson, J.S.

 Biochemistry and molecular biology
 ·  Evidence for the presence of a kininogen-like species in a case of total deficiency of low and high molecular weight kininogens
Veloso, D.

 Clinical investigation
 ·  Histopathological diagnosis of intra- and extrahepatic neonatal cholestasis
Santos, J.L.; Almeida, H.; Cerski, C.T.S.; Silveira, T.R.

 ·  Fractures of the proximal femur: correlation with vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism
Ramalho, A.C.; Lazaretti-Castro, M.; Hauache, O.; Kasamatsu, T.; Brandão, C.; Reis, A.F.; Takata, E.; Cafalli, F.; Tavares, F.; Gimeno, S.G.A.; Vieira, J.G.H.

 Experimental biology
 ·  Effects of ethanol intake on retinol concentration in the milk of lactating rats
Albuquerque, K.T.; Ramalho, R.A.; Soares, A.G.; Tavares-do-Carmo, M.G.

 Neurosciences and behavior
 ·  Inflammatory response of the spinal cord to multiple episodes of blood-brain barrier disruption and toxic demyelination in Wistar rats
Fernandes, C.G.; Graça, D.L.; Pereira, L.A.V.D.

 ·  Inhibition of carbachol-induced inositol phosphate accumulation in the embryonic retina promoted by kainate and veratridine
Sanches, G.; Ventura, A.L.M.

 ·  Effect of lead acetate on neurobehavioral development of rats
Mello, C.F.; Kraemer, C.K.; Filippin, A.; Morsch, V.M.; Rodrigues, A.L.S.; Martins, A.F.; Rubin, M.A.

 ·  Molluscicidal activity of Nerium indicum bark
Singh, Sushma; Singh, D.K.

 ·  Study of the effects of ß-myrcene on rat fertility and general reproductive performance
Paumgartten, F.J.R.; De-Carvalho, R.R.; Souza, C.A.M.; Madi, K.; Chahoud, I.

 Physiology and biophysics
 ·  Variations in gastric emptying of liquid elicited by acute blood volume changes in awake rats
Gondim, F. de-A.A.; Oliveira, G.R. de-; Graça, J.R.V.; Cavalcante, D.I.M.; Souza, M.A.N.; Santos, A.A.; Rola, F.H.