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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versão On-line ISSN 1414-431X


Braz J Med Biol Res v.32 n.8 Ribeirão Preto Ago. 1999

 ·  P-glycoprotein-mediated resistance to chemotherapy in cancer cells: using recombinant cytosolic domains to establish structure-function relationships
Di Pietro, A.; Dayan, G.; Conseil, G.; Steinfels, E.; Krell, T.; Trompier, D.; Baubichon-Cortay, H.; Jault, J.-M.

 Biochemistry and molecular biology
 ·  Arylsulfatase A pseudodeficiency in healthy Brazilian individuals
Pedron, C.G.; Gaspar, P.A.; Giugliani, R.; Pereira, M.L.S.

 ·  Hydrolysis of xylans by enzyme systems from solid cultures of Trichoderma harzianum strains
Silveira, F.Q.P.; Ximenes, F.A.; Cacais, A.O.G.; Milagres, A.M.F.; Medeiros, C.L.; Puls, J.; Filho, E.X.F.

 Clinical investigation
 ·  Detection of cytomegalovirus infections by PCR in renal transplant patients
Costa, S.C.B.; Miranda, S.R.P.; Alves, G.; Rossi, C.L.; Figueiredo, L.T.M.; Costa, F.F.

 Experimental biology
 ·  Enhanced mucosal re-epithelialization induced by short chain fatty acids in experimental colitis
Aguilar-Nascimento, J.E.; França-da-Silva, L.R.; de-Oliveira, A.F.; Gomes-da-Silva, M.H.

 ·  Evaluation of an anti-carcinoembryonic monoclonal antibody suitable for immunoscintigraphy
Moraes, D.W.; Lima, E.N.P.; Prado, I.B.; Carneiro, C.R.W.

 Neurosciences and behavior
 ·  Ethological analysis of mother-pup interactions and other behavioral reactions in rats: effects of malnutrition and tactile stimulation of the pups
Riul, T.R.; Carvalho, A.F.; Almeida, P.S.; De-Oliveira, L.M.; Almeida, S.S.

 ·  Effects of microcystin-LR in isolated perfused rat kidney
Nobre, A.C.L.; Jorge, M.C.M.; Menezes, D.B.; Fonteles, M.C.; Monteiro, H.S.A.

 ·  Effects of mercury on the arterial blood pressure of anesthetized rats
Rossoni, L.V.; Amaral, S.M.C.; Vassallo, P.F.; França, A.; Oliveira, E.M.; Varner, K.J.; Mill, J.G.; Vassallo, D.V.

 ·  Melatonin modulation of presynaptic nicotinic acetylcholine receptors located on short noradrenergic neurons of the rat vas deferens: a pharmacological characterization
Zago, W.M.; Markus, R.P.

 ·  Effect of SX-3228, a selective ligand for the BZ1 receptor, on sleep and waking during the light-dark cycle in the rat
Alvariño, F.; Monti, J.M.; Jantos, H.; Monti, D.

 Physiology and biophysics
 ·  Relationship between the actions of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), guanylin and uroguanylin on the isolated kidney
Santos-Neto, M.S.; Carvalho, A.F.; Forte, L.R.; Fonteles, M.C.

 ·  Structure and function of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
Morales, M.M.; Capella, M.A.M.; Lopes, A.G.

 ·  A simple RT-PCR-based strategy for screening connexin identity
Urban, M.; Rozental, R.; Spray, D.C

 ·  Effect of ryanodine on sinus node recovery time determined in vitro
Bassani, J.W.M.; Godoy, C.M.G.; Bassani, R.A.

 ·  Inhibitory effect of high [Mg2+] on the vasopressin-stimulated hydroosmotic permeability of the isolated perfused cortical collecting duct
Falkenstein, D.; Ribeiro, C.A.L.; Figueiredo, J.F.