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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Braz J Med Biol Res vol.32 n.10 Ribeirão Preto Oct. 1999

 ·  The calcium-modulated proteins, S100A1 and S100B, as potential regulators of the dynamics of type III intermediate filaments
Garbuglia, M.; Verzini, M.; Sorci, G.; Bianchi, R.; Giambanco, I.; Agneletti, A.L.; Donato, R.

 ·  Regulation of the expression of NADP-malic enzyme by UV-B, red and far-red light in maize seedlings
Casati, P.; Drincovich, M.F.; Edwards, G.E.; Andreo, C.S.

 Clinical investigation
 ·  Frequency of islet cell autoantibodies (IA-2 and GAD) in young Brazilian type 1 diabetes patients
Pardini, V.C.; Mourão, D.M.; Nascimento, P.D.; Vívolo, M.A.; Ferreira, S.R.G.; Pardini, H.

 ·  Daily blood pressure profile in Cushing's syndrome before and after surgery
Kreze, A.; Mikulecky, M.

 Experimental biology
 ·  Effect of a submaxillary gland extract on Ehrlich tumor growth in mice
Weill, P.; Frussa-Filho, R.; Bonamin, L.V.

 ·  Pharmacological and histopathological study of cyclophosphamide-induced hemorrhagic cystitis - comparison of the effects of dexamethasone and Mesna
Morais, M.M.; Belarmino-Filho, J.N.; Brito, G.A.C.; Ribeiro, R.A.

 Neurosciences and behavior
 ·  Zinc and water intake in rats: investigation of adrenergic and opiatergic central mechanisms
Fregoneze, J.B.; Luz, C.P.; Castro, L.; Oliveira, P.; Lima, A.K.S.; Souza, F.; Maldonado, I.; Macêdo, D.F.; Ferreira, M.G.; Bandeira, I.P.V.; Rocha Jr., M.A.; Carvalho, F.L.Q.; De-Castro-e-Silva, E.

 ·  Electrolocation-communication discharges of the fish Gymnotus carapo L. (Gymnotidae: Gymnotiformes) during behavioral sleep
Stopa, R.M.; Hoshino, K.

 ·  Effects of prenatal exposure to a mild chronic variable stress on body weight, preweaning mortality and rat behavior
Cabrera, R.J.; Rodríguez-Echandía, E.L.; Jatuff, A.S.G.; Fóscolo, M.

 ·  Neonatal handling induces anovulatory estrous cycles in rats
Gomes, C.M.; Frantz, P.J.; Sanvitto, G.L.; Anselmo-Franci, J.A.; Lucion, A.B.

 ·  Central lead administration inhibits water intake and sodium appetite in rats
De-Castro-e-Silva, E.J.; Castro, L.; Luz, C.P.; Ferreira, H.; Lima, A.K.S.; Souza, F.S.F.; Maldonado, I.; Macêdo, D.F.; Ferreira, M.G.; Bandeira, I.P.V.; Amor, A.L.M.; Carvalho, F.L.Q.; Rocha Jr., M.A.; Fregoneze, J.B.

 ·  Effect of training on the ability of dual-task coordination
Rosin, F.M.; Sylwan, R.P.; Galera, C.

 ·  Effect of practice and span length on the dual-task coordination executive test
Sylwan, R.P.; Rosin, F.M.; Galera, C.

 ·  Effect of policosanol on cerebral ischemia in Mongolian gerbils
Molina, V.; Arruzazabala, M.L.; Carbajal, D.; Valdés, S.; Noa, M.; Más, R.; Fraga, V.; Menéndez, R.

 ·  Atropine and ODQ antagonize tetanic fade induced by L-arginine in cats
Cruciol-Souza, J.M.; Alves-Do-Prado, W.

 ·  Magnesium chloride alone or in combination with diazepam fails to prevent hippocampal damage following transient forebrain ischemia
Milani, H.; Lepri, E.R.; Giordani, F.; Favero-Filho, L.A.

 Physiology and biophysics
 ·  Ischemic preconditioning reduces peripheral oxidative damage associated with brain ischemia in rats
Frassetto, S.S.; Schetinger, M.R.C.; Webber, A.; Sarkis, J.J.F.; Netto, C.A.

 ·  Functional characterization and localization of AQP3 in the human colon
Silberstein, C.; Kierbel, A.; Amodeo, G.; Zotta, E.; Bigi, F.; Berkowski, D.; Ibarra, C.