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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Table of contents
Braz J Med Biol Res vol.34 n.1 Ribeirão Preto Jan. 2001

 ·  Coronary endothelial dysfunction after ischemia and reperfusion: a new therapeutic target?
Laude, K.; Thuillez, C.; Richard, V.

 ·  Sloth biology: an update on their physiological ecology, behavior and role as vectors of arthropods and arboviruses
Gilmore, D.P.; Da Costa, C.P.; Duarte, D.P.F.

 Biochemistry and molecular biology
 ·  Vicilins (7S storage globulins) of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) seeds bind to chitinous structures of the midgut of Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) larvae
Sales, M.P.; Pimenta, P.P.; Paes, N.S.; Grossi-de-Sá, M.F.; Xavier-Filho, J.

 ·  Linear competitive inhibition of human tissue kallikrein by 4-aminobenzamidine and benzamidine and linear mixed inhibition by 4-nitroaniline and aniline
Sousa, M.O.; Miranda, T.L.S.; Costa, E.B.; Bittar, E.R.; Santoro, M.M.; Figueiredo, A.F.S.

 ·  HIV-1 subtypes among intravenous drug users from two neighboring cities in São Paulo State, Brazil
Rossini, M.A.A.; Diaz, R.S.; Caseiro, M.; Turcato, G.; Accetturi, C.A.; Sabino, E.C.

 Clinical investigation
 ·  Gliclazide and bedtime insulin are more efficient than insulin alone for type 2 diabetic patients with sulfonylurea secondary failure
Chazan, A.C.S.; Gomes, M.B.

 ·  Acute effect of different antidepressants on glycemia in diabetic and non-diabetic rats
Gomez, R.; Huber, J.; Tombini, G.; Barros, H.M.T.

 Experimental biology
 ·  Morphometric and ultrastructural analysis of different pituitary cell populations in undernourished monkeys
Cónsole, G.M.; Jurado, S.B.; Oyhenart, E.; Ferese, C.; Pucciarelli, H.; Gómez Dumm, C.L.A.

 ·  Effects of serotonin and fluoxetine on blood glucose regulation in two decapod species
Santos, E.A.; Keller, R.; Rodriguez, E.; Lopez, L.

 ·  A single strain of Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) grown in two different media evokes distinct humoral immune responses in mice
Petricevich, V.L.; Ueda, C.; Alves, R.C.B.; da Silva, M.A.; Moreno, C.; Melo, A.R.; Dias da Silva, W.

 ·  Cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant recipients diagnosed by nested-PCR
Aquino, V.H.; Figueiredo, L.T.M.

 Neurosciences and behavior
 ·  Rapid eye movement sleep deprivation induces an increase in acetylcholinesterase activity in discrete rat brain regions
Benedito, M.A.C.; Camarini, R.

 ·  Effect of acute and repeated restraint stress on glucose oxidation to CO2 in hippocampal and cerebral cortex slices
Torres, I.L.S.; Gamaro, G.D.; Silveira-Cucco, S.N.; Michalowski, M.B.; Corrêa, J.B.; Perry, M.L.S; Dalmaz, C.

 ·  Differential effects of lead and zinc on inhibitory avoidance learning in mice
de Oliveira, F.S.; Viana, M.R.; Antoniolli, A.R.; Marchioro, M.

 ·  Reduction of intraspecific aggression in adult rats by neonatal treatment with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Manhães de Castro, R.; Barreto Medeiros, J.M.; Mendes da Silva, C.; Ferreira, L.M.P.; Guedes, R.C.A.; Cabral Filho, J.E.; Costa, J.A.

 ·  Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition by lisinopril enhances liver regeneration in rats
Ramalho, F.S.; Ramalho, L.N.Z.; Castro-e-Silva Júnior, O.; Zucoloto, S.; Corrêa, F.M.A.

 Physiology and biophysics
 ·  Determination of macromolecular exchange and PO2 in the microcirculation: a simple system for in vivo fluorescence and phosphorescence videomicroscopy
Torres, L.N.; Torres Filho, I.P.

 ·  A moderate decrease in temperature inhibits the calcium signaling mechanism(s) of the regulatory volume decrease in chick embryo cardiomyocytes
Souza, M.M.; Boyle, R.T.