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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versión On-line ISSN 1414-431X


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Braz J Med Biol Res v.35 n.10 Ribeirão Preto oct. 2002

 ·  A Portuguese version of the Christo Inventory for Substance-Misuse Services: a simple outcome evaluation tool
Christo, G.; Silva, V.A.

 Clinical investigation
 ·  Morphological changes of carotid bodies in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a morphometric study in humans
Vinhaes, E.N.G.; Dolhnikoff, M.; Saldiva, P.H.N.

 ·  Rapid detection of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis using the mycobacteria growth indicator tube (MGIT) system
Telles, M.A.S.; Bori, A.; Amorim, A.B.R.; Cruz, A.F.; Pini, M.I.T.; Sato, D.N.

 ·  Exhaled nitric oxide collected with two different mouthpieces: a study in asthmatic patients
Leme, A.S.; Kasahara, D.I.; Nunes, M.P.T.; Martins, M.A.; Vieira, J.E.

 ·  Intravenous dipyrone for the acute treatment of episodic tension-type headache: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study
Bigal, M.E.; Bordini, C.A.; Speciali, J.G.

 ·  Ultrasonographic determination of goiter prevalence in southern Brazilian schoolchildren
Lisbôa, H.R.K.; Gross, J.L.

 ·  Trachoma among the Yanomami Indians
Paula, J.S.; Medina, N.H.; Cruz, A.A.V.

 ·  Bone mineral density in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus
Castro, T.C.M.; Terreri, M.T.; Szejnfeld, V.L.; Castro, C.H.M.; Fisberg, M.; Gabay, M.; Hilário, M.O.E.

 ·  Role of Tamm-Horsfall protein and uromodulin in calcium oxalate crystallization
Carvalho, M.; Mulinari, R.A.; Nakagawa, Y.

 ·  Factors associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS patients: a cross-sectional study in Southern Brazil
Pinheiro, C.A.T.; de-Carvalho-Leite, J.C.; Drachler, M.L.; Silveira, V.L.

 ·  Immune response to respiratory syncytial virus in young Brazilian children
Queiróz, D.A.O.; Durigon, E.L.; Botosso, V.F.; Ejzemberg, B.; Vieira, S.E.; Mineo, J.R.; Yamashita, C.; Hein, N.; Lopes, C.L.; Cacharo, A.L.; Stewien, K.E.

 ·  Indirect effects of oral tolerance to ovalbumin interfere with the immune responses triggered by Schistosoma mansoni eggs
Carvalho, C.R.; Lenzi, H.L.; Correa-Oliveira, R.; Vaz, N.M.

 Neurosciences and behavior
 ·  Effects of caffeine on learning and memory in rats tested in the Morris water maze
Angelucci, M.E.M.; Cesário, C.; Hiroi, R.H.; Rosalen, P.L.; Cunha, C. Da

 ·  Factor structure of Bech's version of the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale in Brazilian patients
Crippa, J.A.S.; Sanches, R.F.; Hallak, J.E.C.; Loureiro, S.R.; Zuardi, A.W.

 ·  Antinociceptive effects of the essential oil of Croton nepetaefolius on mice
Abdon, A.P.V.; Leal-Cardoso, J.H.; Coelho-de-Souza, A.N.; Morais, S.M.; Santos, C.F.

 ·  Evaluation of antivenoms in the neutralization of hyperalgesia and edema induced by Bothrops jararaca and Bothrops asper snake venoms
Picolo, G.; Chacur, M.; Gutiérrez, J.M.; Teixeira, C.F.P.; Cury, Y.

 ·  Evaluation of the antiedematogenic activity of artemetin isolated from Cordia curassavica DC
Bayeux, M.C.; Fernandes, A.T.; Foglio, M.A.; Carvalho, J.E.

 ·  Effect of perimuscular injection of Bothrops jararacussu venom on plasma creatine kinase levels in mice: influence of dose and volume
Calil-Elias, S.; Thattassery, E.; Martinez, A.M.B.; Melo, P.A.

 ·  Excitatory amino acid receptor blockade within the caudal pressor area and rostral ventrolateral medulla alters cardiovascular responses to nucleus raphe obscurus stimulation in rats
Silva, N.F.; Pires, J.G.P.; Dantas, M.A.; Futuro Neto, H.A.