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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Table of contents
Braz J Med Biol Res vol.39 no.9 Ribeirão Preto Sept. 2006

 Concepts and Comments
 ·  Profile of the Brazilian scientific production in multiple sclerosis
Araujo, C.R.; Moreira, M.A.; Lana-Peixoto, M.A.

 ·  Nucleotide-sugar transporters: structure, function and roles in vivo
Handford, M.; Rodriguez-Furlán, C.; Orellana, A.

 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 ·  Partial purification of tightly bound mitochondrial hexokinase from maize (Zea mays L.) root membranes
Rezende, G.L.; Logullo, C.; Meyer, L.; Machado, L.B.; Oliveira-Carvalho, A.L.; Zingali, R.B.; Cifuentes, D.; Galina, A.

 ·  High frequency of mutation G377S in Brazilian type 3 Gaucher disease patients
Rozenberg, R.; Araújo, F.T.; Fox, D.C.; Aranda, P.; Nonino, A.; Micheletti, C.; Martins, A.M.; Cravo, R.; Sobreira, E.; Pereira, L.V.

 ·  An extract of Polygonum multiflorum protects against free radical damage induced by ultraviolet B irradiation of the skin
Hwang, I.K.; Yoo, K.-Y.; Kim, D.W.; Jeong, S.J.; Won, C.-K.; Moon, W.-K.; Kim, Y.S.; Kwon, D.Y.; Won, M.H.; Kim, D.-W.

 Experimental Biology
 ·  The blockade of cyclooxygenases-1 and -2 reduces the effects of hypoxia on endothelial cells
Gloria, M.A.; Cenedeze, M.A.; Pacheco-Silva, A.; Câmara, N.O.S.

 ·  Mechanisms underlying gas exchange alterations in an experimental model of pulmonary embolism
Ferreira, J.H.T.; Terzi, R.G.G.; Paschoal, I.A.; Silva, W.A.; Moraes, A.C.; Moreira, M.M.

 ·  Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of enalaprilat infusion in experimental normotensive sepsis
Rahal, L.; Garrido, A.G.; Cruz Jr., R.J.; Rocha e Silva, M.; Poli-de-Figueiredo, L.F.

 ·  Inducing mutations in the mouse genome with the chemical mutagen ethylnitrosourea
Massironi, S.M.G.; Reis, B.L.F.S.; Carneiro, J.G.; Barbosa, L.B.S.; Ariza, C.B.; Santos, G.C.; Guénet, J.L.; Godard, A.L.B.

 ·  Polymorphism of the promoter region and exon 1 of the CTLA4 gene in endemic pemphigus foliaceus (fogo selvagem)
Pavoni, D.P.; Cerqueira, L.B.; Roxo, V.M.M.S.; Petzl-Erler, M.L.

 Neurosciences and Behavior
 ·  Dexamethasone blocks the migration of the human neuroblastoma cell line SK-N-SH
Casulari, L.A.; Dondi, D.; Maggi, R.; Demissie, M.; Piccolella, M.; Piva, F.

 ·  Efficacy and safety of combined piroxicam, dexamethasone, orphenadrine, and cyanocobalamin treatment in mandibular molar surgery
Barroso, A.B.; Lima, V.; Guzzo, G.C.; Moraes, R.A.; Vasconcellos, M.C.; Bezerra, M.M.; Viana, F.A.L.; Bezerra, R.C.R.; Santana, G.S.M.; Frota-Bezerra, F.A.; Moraes, M.O.; Moraes, M.E.A.

 Physiology and Biophysics
 ·  Computerized invasive measurement of time-dependent intraocular pressure
Campos, T.V.O.; Jacobovitz, S.; Almeida, H.G.; Massensini, A.R.; Moraes, M.F.D.

 ·  Luteal phase of the menstrual cycle increases sweating rate during exercise
Garcia, A.M.C.; Lacerda, M.G.; Fonseca, I.A.T.; Reis, F.M.; Rodrigues, L.O.C.; Silami-Garcia, E.