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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Braz J Med Biol Res vol.39 no.10 Ribeirão Preto Oct. 2006

 Meeting Report
 ·  Commentary on the IV São Paulo Research Conference: Cancer Today: from molecular biology to treatment, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, November 10-12, 2005
Mihich, E.

 ·  Secondary prevention of type 1 diabetes mellitus: stopping immune destruction and promoting ß-cell regeneration
Couri, C.E.B.; Foss, M.C.; Voltarelli, J.C.

 ·  The role of adrenergic receptor polymorphisms in heart failure
Biolo, A.; Rosa, A.S.; Mazzotti, N.G.; Martins, S.; Belló-Klein, A.; Rohde, L.E.; Clausell, N.

 Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment
 ·  The clinical impact of MTHFR polymorphism on the vascular complications of sickle cell disease
Moreira Neto, F.; Lourenço, D.M.; Noguti, M.A.E.; Morelli, V.M.; Gil, I.C.P.; Beltrão, A.C.S.; Figueiredo, M.S.

 Blood, Immunology and Organ Transplantation
 ·  Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation from an alternative stem cell source in Fanconi anemia patients: analysis of 47 patients from a single institution
Medeiros, C.R. de; Bitencourt, M.A.; Zanis-Neto, J.; Maluf, E.C.P.; Carvalho, D.S.; Bonfim, C.S.; Funke, V.M.; Setubal, D.C.; Farah, N.; Pasquini, R.

 ·  Determination of renal function in long-term heart transplant patients by measurement of urinary retinol-binding protein levels
Chinen, R.; Câmara, N.O.S.; Nishida, S.; Silva, M.S.; Rodrigues, D.A.; Pereira, A.B.; Pacheco-Silva, A.

 ·  Results of CHOP chemotherapy for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Hallack Neto, A.E.; Pereira, J.; Beitler, B.; Chamone, D.A.F.; Llacer, P.D.; Dulley, F.L.; Macedo, M.C.M.A.; Chaoubah, A.

 Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Sport Medicine
 ·  Incidence of heart failure in infarcted rats that die spontaneously
Flumignan, R.L.G.; Kanashiro, R.M.; Saraiva, R.M.; Portes, L.A.; Antonio, E.L.; Ishigai, M.M.S.; Tucci, P.J.F.

 Infectious Agents and Diseases
 ·  Clinical classification of tetanus patients
Miranda-Filho, D.B.; Ximenes, R.A.A.; Barone, A.A.; Vaz, V.L.; Vieira, A.G.; Albuquerque, V.M.G.

 Kidney and ExtraCellular Environmental
 ·  Incidence, risk factors and prognostic factors of acute renal failure in patients admitted to an intensive care unit
Mataloun, S.E.; Machado, F.R.; Senna, A.P.R.; Guimarães, H.P.; Amaral, J.L.G.

 ·  Adhesion molecule profiles of B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in the leukemic phase
Matos, D.M.; Rizzatti, E.G.; Garcia, A.B.; Gallo, D.A.P.; Falcão, R.P.

 Skeletal, Muscle and Nervous Systems
 ·  Effect of treadmill gait on bone markers and bone mineral density of quadriplegic subjects
Carvalho, D.C.L.; Garlipp, C.R.; Bottini, P.V.; Afaz, S.H.; Moda, M.A.; Cliquet Jr., A.

 ·  Relative frequency, clinical, neuroimaging, and postsurgical features of pediatric temporal lobe epilepsy
Sales, L.V.; Velasco, T.R.; Funayama, S.; Ribeiro, L.T.; Andrade-Valença, L.P.; Neder, L.; Fernandes, R.M.F.; Araujo Jr., D.; Machado, H.R.; Santos, A.C.; Leite, J.P.