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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Table of contents
Braz J Med Biol Res vol.39 no.12 Ribeirão Preto Dec. 2006

 Concepts and Comments
 ·  The scientific production in health and biological sciences of the top 20 Brazilian universities
Zorzetto, R.; Razzouk, D.; Dubugras, M.T.B.; Gerolin, J.; Schor, N.; Guimarães, J.A.; Mari, J.J.

 ·  Evolution and conservation of immunological activity
Vaz, N.M.

 ·  Cytoadhesion of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes and the infected placenta: a two-way pathway
Costa, F.T.M.; Avril, M.; Nogueira, P.A.; Gysin, J.

 ·  Molecular and cellular pathogenesis of autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease
Menezes, L.F.; Onuchic, L.F.

 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 ·  Proteomic inventory of myocardial proteins from patients with chronic Chagas' cardiomyopathy
Teixeira, P.C.; Iwai, L.K.; Kuramoto, A.C.K.; Honorato, R.; Fiorelli, A.; Stolf, N.; Kalil, J.; Cunha-Neto, E.

 ·  DNA damage by ochratoxin A in rat kidney assessed by the alkaline comet assay
Zeljezic, D.; Domijan, A.-M.; Peraica, M.

 ·  CYP1A1 and GSTP1 polymorphisms in an oral cancer case-control study
Leichsenring, A.; Losi-Guembarovski, R.; Maciel, M.E.; Losi-Guembarovski, A.; Oliveira, B.W.; Ramos, G.; Cavalcanti, T.C.S.; Bicalho, M.G.; Cavalli, I.J.; Cólus, I.M.S.; Ribeiro, E.M.S.F.

 ·  HFE gene mutations in Brazilian thalassemic patients
Oliveira, T.M.; Souza, F.P.; Jardim, A.C.G.; Cordeiro, J.A.; Pinho, J.R.R.; Sitnik, R.; Estevão, I.F.; Bonini-Domingos, C.R.; Rahal, P.

 ·  Immunoglobulin production is impaired in protein-deprived mice and can be restored by dietary protein supplementation
Amaral, J.F.; Foschetti, D.A.; Assis, F.A.; Menezes, J.S.; Vaz, N.M.; Faria, A.M.C.

 ·  Antibody response to pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine in Down syndrome patients
Costa-Carvalho, B.T.; Martinez, R.M.A.; Dias, A.T.N.; Kubo, C.A.; Barros-Nunes, P.; Leiva, L.; Solé, D.; Carneiro-Sampaio, M.M.S.; Naspitz, C.K.; Sorensen, R.U.

 Neurosciences and Behavior
 ·  Use of magnitude-squared coherence to identify the maximum driving response band of the somatosensory evoked potential
Infantosi, A.F.C.; Melges, D.B.; Tierra-Criollo, C.J.

 ·  Stress responses of the fish Nile tilapia subjected to electroshock and social stressors
Barreto, R.E.; Volpato, G.L.

 ·  Behavioral and physiological methods for early quantitative assessment of spinal cord injury and prognosis in rats
Giglio, C.A.; Defino, H.L.A.; da-Silva, C.A.; de-Souza, A.S.; Del Bel, E.A.

 ·  Behavioral changes induced by cocaine in mice are modified by a hyperlipidic diet or recombinant leptin
Erhardt, E.; Zibetti, L.C.E.; Godinho, J.M.; Bacchieri, B.; Barros, H.M.T.

 Physiology and Biophysics
 ·  Cardiovascular risk factors in a population of Brazilian schoolchildren
Rodrigues, A.N.; Moyses, M.R.; Bissoli, N.S.; Pires, J.G.P.; Abreu, G.R.

 ·  Impact of acute exposure to air pollution on the cardiorespiratory performance of military firemen
Oliveira, R.S.; Barros Neto, T.L.; Braga, A.L.F.; Raso, V.; Pereira, L.A.A.; Morette, S.R.; Carneiro, R.C.

 ·  Effect of age on upper and lower eyelid saccades
Leite, L.V.O.; Cruz, A.A.V.; Messias, A.; Malbouisson, J.M.C.