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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versión On-line ISSN 1414-431X


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Braz J Med Biol Res v.41 n.12 Ribeirão Preto dic. 2008

 ·  Stress-induced neuroinflammation: mechanisms and new pharmacological targets
Munhoz, C.D.; García-Bueno, B.; Madrigal, J.L.M.; Lepsch, L.B.; Scavone, C.; Leza, J.C.

 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 ·  Toluene permeabilization differentially affects F- and P-type ATPase activities present in the plasma membrane of Streptococcus mutans
Thedei Jr., G.; Leitão, D.P.S.; Bolean, M.; Paulino, T.P.; Spadaro, A.C.C.; Ciancaglini, P.

 Experimental Biology
 ·  The effect of a low dose of clenbuterol on rat soleus muscle submitted to joint immobilization
Cancelliero, K.M.; Durigan, J.L.Q.; Vieira, R.P.; Silva, C.A.; Polacow, M.L.O.

 Neurosciences and Behavior
 ·  Topographic distribution of the tibial somatosensory evoked potential using coherence
Melges, D.B.; Infantosi, A.F.C.; Miranda de Sá, A.M.F.L.

 ·  Gender and age differences in polysomnography findings and sleep complaints of patients referred to a sleep laboratory
Silva, A.; Andersen, M.L.; De Mello, M.T.; Bittencourt, L.R.A.; Peruzzo, D.; Tufik, S.

 ·  Engagement of multifocal neural circuits during recall of autobiographical happy events
Cerqueira, C.T.; Almeida, J.R.C.; Gorenstein, C.; Gentil, V.; Leite, C.C.; Sato, J.R.; Amaro Jr., E.; Busatto, G.F.

 Physiology and Biophysics
 ·  Antibodies against electronegative LDL inhibit atherosclerosis in LDLr-/- mice
Grosso, D.M.; Ferderbar, S.; Wanschel, A.C.B.A.; Krieger, M.H.; Higushi, M.L.; Abdalla, D.S.P.

 Analytical, Diagnostic an Therapeutic Techniques and Instruments
 ·  Systematic head and neck physical examination as a predictor of obstructive sleep apnea in class III obese patients
Martinho, F.L.; Tangerina, R.P.; Moura, S.M.G.T.; Gregório, L.C.; Tufik, S.; Bittencourt, L.R.A.

 Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Sport Medicine
 ·  Collagen content, but not the ratios of collagen type III/I mRNAs, differs among hypertensive, alcoholic, and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy
Soufen, H.N.; Salemi, V.M.C.; Aneas, I.M.S.; Ramires, F.J.A.; Benício, A.M.D.; Benvenuti, L.A.; Krieger, J.E.; Mady, C.

 Digestive System
 ·  Gut permeability to lactulose and mannitol differs in treated Crohn's disease and celiac disease patients and healthy subjects
Vilela, E.G.; Torres, H.O.G.; Ferrari, M.L.A.; Lima, A.S.; Cunha, A.S.

 Endocrine Diseases, Nutrition and Metabolism
 ·  Diabetic retinopathy is associated with early autonomic dysfunction assessed by exercise-related heart rate changes
Kramer, C.K.; Leitão, C.B.; Azevedo, M.J.; Valiatti, F.B.; Rodrigues, T.C.; Canani, L.H.; Gross, J.L.

 ·  Nutritional status and body composition after 6 months of patients switching from continuous ambulatorial peritoneal dialysis to automated peritoneal dialysis
Garcia-Lopes, M.G.; Agliussi, R.G.; Avesani, C.M.; Manfredi, S.R.; Bazanelli, A.P.; Kamimura, M.A.; Draibe, S.A.; Cuppari, L.

 ·  The prevalence of chronic diabetic complications and metabolic syndrome is not associated with maternal type 2 diabetes
Scheffel, R.S.; Kramer, C.K.; Rados, D.V.; Pinto, L.C.; Crispim, D.; Gross, J.L.; Canani, L.H.

 Health Care and Community Medicine
 ·  Relationship between Brazilian airline pilot errors and time of day
de Mello, M.T.; Esteves, A.M.; Pires, M.L.N.; Santos, D.C.; Bittencourt, L.R.A.; Silva, R.S.; Tufik, S.

 Psychological Processes, Behavior and Mental Diseases
 ·  Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the frontal, cingulate and perirolandic cortices and its relationship to skin conductance in patients with schizophrenia
Sanches, R.F.; Crippa, J.A.S.; Hallak, J.E.C.; de Sousa, J.P.M.; Araújo, D.; Santos, A.C.; Zuardi, A.W.

 Skeletal, Muscle and Nervous Systems
 ·  Minor sperm abnormalities in young male post-pubertal patients with juvenile dermatomyositis
Moraes, A.J.P.; Pereira, R.M.R.; Cocuzza, M.; Casemiro, R.; Saito, O.; Silva, C.A.A.

 ·  Muscle strength but not functional capacity is associated with plasma interleukin-6 levels of community-dwelling elderly women
Oliveira, D.M.G.; Narciso, F.M.S.; Santos, M.L.A.S.; Pereira, D.S.; Coelho, F.M.; Dias, J.M.D.; Pereira, L.S.M.