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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versión On-line ISSN 1414-431X


XV Simpósio Brasileiro de Fisiologia Cardiovascular, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, February 2-5, 2011

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Braz J Med Biol Res vol.44 no.9 Ribeirão Preto set. 2011

Effect of gender on training-induced vascular remodeling in SHR
Amaral, S.L.; Michelini, L.C.

Aerobic exercise training in heart failure: impact on sympathetic hyperactivity and cardiac and skeletal muscle function
Brum, P.C.; Bacurau, A.V.N.; Medeiros, A.; Ferreira, J.C.B.; Vanzelli, A.S.; Negrão, C.E.

Eccentric and concentric cardiac hypertrophy induced by exercise training: microRNAs and molecular determinants
Fernandes, T.; Soci, U.P.R.; Oliveira, E.M.

Cardiovascular and autonomic modulation by the central nervous system after aerobic exercise training
Martins-Pinge, M.C.

Influence of eNOS gene polymorphism on cardiometabolic parameters in response to physical training in postmenopausal women
Esposti, R.D.; Sponton, C.H.G.; Malagrino, P.A.; Carvalho, F.C.; Peres, E.; Puga, G.M.; Novais, I.P.; Albuquerque, D.M.; Rodovalho, C.; Bacci, M.; Zanesco, A.

Strength and power training did not modify cardiovascular responses to aerobic exercise in elderly subjects
Queiroz, A.C.C.; Chehuen, M.R.; Costa, L.A.R.; Wallerstein, L.F.; Mello, M.T.; Ugrinowitsch, C.; Forjaz, C.L.M.

Angiotensin-II-induced reactive oxygen species along the SFO-PVN-RVLM pathway: implications in neurogenic hypertension
Braga, V.A.; Medeiros, I.A.; Ribeiro, T.P.; França-Silva, M.S.; Botelho-Ono, M.S.; Guimarães, D.D.

Involvement of catecholaminergic medullary pathways in cardiovascular responses to acute changes in circulating volume
Cravo, S.L.; Lopes, O.U; Pedrino, G.R

Central chemoreceptors and neural mechanisms of cardiorespiratory control
Takakura, A.C.; Damasceno, R.S.; Falquetto, B.; Totola, L.T.; Sobrinho, C.R.; Ragioto, D.T.; Zolezi, F.P.

Remodeling in the ischemic heart: the stepwise progression for heart
Stefanon, I.; dos Santos, L.; Baldo, M.P.

Prenatally programmed hypertension: role of maternal diabetes
Gomes, G.N.; Gil, F.Z.

Gender-dependent effects of aging on the kidney
Gava, A.L.; Freitas, F.P.S.; Meyrelles, S.S.; Silva, I.V.; Graceli, J.B.

Alternative pathways for angiotensin II generation in the cardiovascular system
Becari, C.; Oliveira, E.B.; Salgado, M.C.O.

Endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic diseases: an update
Davel, A.P.; Wenceslau, C.F.; Akamine, E.H.; Xavier, F.E.; Couto, G.K.; Oliveira, H.T.; Rossoni, L.V.

Hypertensive effects of the iv administration of picomoles of ouabain
Padilha, A.S.; Salaices, M.; Vassallo, D.V.; Batista, P.R.; Siman, F.D.M.

Toxic effects of mercury, lead and gadolinium on vascular reactivity
Vassallo, D.V.; Simões, M.R.; Furieri, L.B.; Fioresi, M.; Fiorim, J.; Almeida, E.A.S.; Angeli, J.K.; Wiggers, G.A.; Peçanha, F.M.; Salaices, M.

Nitric oxide synthesis and biological functions of nitric oxide released from ruthenium compounds
Pereira, A.C.; Paulo, M.; Araújo, A.V.; Rodrigues, G.J.; Bendhack, L.M.

Triorganotin as a compound with potential reproductive toxicity in mammals
Delgado Filho, V.S.; Lopes, P.F.I.; Podratz, P.L.; Graceli, J.B.