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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Table of contents
Braz J Med Biol Res vol.45 no.3 Ribeirão Preto Mar. 2012

 ·  Animal models of prenatal immune challenge and their contribution to the study of schizophrenia: a systematic review
Macêdo, D.S.; Araújo, D.P.; Sampaio, L.R.L.; Vasconcelos, S.M.M.; Sales, P.M.G.; Sousa, F.C.F.; Hallak, J.E.; Crippa, J.A.; Carvalho, A.F.

 Biomedical Sciences
 ·  Tetramethylpyrazine potentiates arsenic trioxide activity against HL-60 cell lines
Wu, Yuni; Xu, Youhua; Shen, Yali; Wang, Cuicui; Guo, Gaili; Hu, Tiantian

 ·  Cultivation and identification of colon cancer stem cell-derived spheres from the Colo205 cell line
Li, Ying-fei; Xiao, Bing; Tu, San-fang; Wang, Yuan-yuan; Zhang, Xiao-lang

 ·  Effect of trimetazidine treatment on the transient outward potassium current of the left ventricular myocytes of rats with streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes mellitus
Xiang, Yu-luan; He, Li; Xiao, Jun; Xia, Shuang; Deng, Song-bai; Xiu, Yun; She, Qiang

 Experimental Biology
 ·  Retinal protective effects of topically administered agmatine on ischemic ocular injury caused by transient occlusion of the ophthalmic artery
Hong, S.; Hara, H.; Shimazawa, M.; Hyakkoku, K.; Kim, C.Y.; Seong, G.J.

 ·  Alternative complement pathway and factor B activities in rats with altered blood levels of thyroid hormone
Bitencourt, C.S.; Duarte, C.G.; Azzolini, A.E.C.S.; Assis-Pandochi, A.I.

 ·  Association of MICA gene polymorphisms with liver fibrosis in schistosomiasis patients in the Dongting Lake region
Gong, Zheng; Luo, Qi-Zhi; Lin, Lin; Su, Yu-Ping; Peng, Hai-Bo; Du, Kun; Yu, Ping; Wang, Shi-Ping

 ·  A conjugate of an anti-midkine single-chain variable fragment to doxorubicin inhibits tumor growth
Zhao, Shuli; Zhao, Guangfeng; Xie, Hao; Huang, Yahong; Hou, Yayi

 ·  Anxiolytic effects of repeated treatment with an essential oil from Lippia alba and (R)-(-)-carvone in the elevated T-maze
Hatano, V.Y.; Torricelli, A.S.; Giassi, A.C.C.; Coslope, L.A.; Viana, M.B.

 Physiology and Biophysics
 ·  Effect of endogenous hydrogen sulfide inhibition on structural and functional renal disturbances induced by gentamicin
Francescato, H.D.C.; Chierice, J.R.A.; Marin, E.C.S.; Cunha, F.Q.; Costa, R.S.; Silva, C.G.A.; Coimbra, T.M.

 ·  Cardiovascular effects of the intracerebroventricular injection of adrenomedullin: roles of the peripheral vasopressin and central cholinergic systems
Cam-Etoz, B.; Isbil-Buyukcoskun, N.; Ozluk, K.

 Clinical Investigation
 ·  Cardiopulmonary exercise testing variables as predictors of long-term outcome in thoracic sarcoidosis
Lopes, A.J.; Menezes, S.L.S.; Dias, C.M.; Oliveira, J.F.; Mainenti, M.R.M.; Guimarães, F.S.

 Digestive System
 ·  Increased immunohistochemical expression of YKL-40 in the spleen of patients with portal hypertension
Wang, Dong; Lu, Jian-Guo; Wang, Qing; Du, Xi-Lin; Dong, Rui; Wang, Peng; Zhao, Lei; Jiang, Xue; Yuan, Li-Juan

 ·  Comparative proteomics analysis of chronic atrophic gastritis: changes of protein expression in chronic atrophic gastritis without Helicobacter pylori infection
Zhang, Lin; Hou, Yanhong; Wu, Kai; Li, Dan

 Endocrine Diseases, Nutrition and Metabolism
 ·  Clinical features of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and hepatitis C infection
Greca, L.F.; Pinto, L.C.; Rados, D.R.; Canani, L.H.; Gross, J.L.