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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
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Braz J Med Biol Res vol.45 no.8 Ribeirão Preto Aug. 2012

 ·  Human prophylactic vaccine adjuvants and their determinant role in new vaccine formulations
Pérez, O.; Batista-Duharte, A.; González, E.; Zayas, C.; Balboa, J.; Cuello, M.; Cabrera, O.; Lastre, M.; Schijns, V.E.J.C.

 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 ·  Tissue transglutaminase (TG2) activity regulates osteoblast differentiation and mineralization in the SAOS-2 cell line
Yin, Xiaoxue; Chen, Zhongqiang; Liu, Zhongjun; Song, Chunli

 ·  2-Bromo-1,4-naphthoquinone: a potentially improved substitute of menadione in Apatone™ therapy
Graciani, F.S.; Ximenes, V.F.

 ·  PPM1B and P-IKKβ expression levels correlated inversely with rat gastrocnemius atrophy after denervation
Wei, Jian; Liang, Bing-Sheng

 ·  Short-term levosimendan treatment protects rat testes against oxidative stress
Yuksel, M.B.; Kavak, S.; Gecit, I.; Basel, H.; Gümrükçüoğlu, H.A.; Demir, H.; Meral, İ.

 Cell Biology
 ·  Retinoic acid and cAMP inhibit rat hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation and enhance cell differentiation
Ionta, M.; Rosa, M.C.; Almeida, R.B.; Freitas, V.M.; Rezende-Teixeira, P.; Machado-Santelli, G.M.

 ·  The expression of melanopsin and clock genes in Xenopus laevis melanophores and their modulation by melatonin
Bluhm, A.P.C.; Obeid, N.N.; Castrucci, A.M.L.; Visconti, M.A.

 Experimental Biology
 ·  Prostate-specific membrane antigen can promote in vivo osseous metastasis of prostate cancer cells in mice
Zhao, Liang-Yun; Mao, Xiao-Peng; Chao, Kai-Yuan; Guo, Sheng-Jie; Qiu, Shao-Peng

 ·  Cloning, bioinformatics analysis, and expression of the dust mite allergen Der f 5 of Dermatophagoides farinae
Cui, Yubao; Zhou, Ying; Ma, Guifang; Yang, Li; Wang, Yungang; Shi, Weihong

 Neurosciences and Behavior
 ·  Effect of skilled and unskilled training on nerve regeneration and functional recovery
Pagnussat, A.S.; Michaelsen, S.M.; Achaval, M.; Ilha, J.; Hermel, E.E.S.; Back, F.P.; Netto, C.A.

 ·  Increased coherence among striatal regions in the theta range during attentive wakefulness
Lepski, G.; Arévalo, A.; Valle, A.C. do; Ballester, G.; Gharabaghi, A.

 ·  In vitro and in vivo studies of pirarubicin-loaded SWNT for the treatment of bladder cancer
Chen, Gang; He, Yunfeng; Wu, Xiaohou; Zhang, Yao; Luo, Chunli; Jing, Peng

 Physiology and Biophysics
 ·  Effects of high-intensity intermittent training on carnitine palmitoyl transferase activity in the gastrocnemius muscle of rats
Carnevali Jr, L.C.; Eder, R.; Lira, F.S.; Lima, W.P.; Gonçalves, D.C.; Zanchi, N.E.; Nicastro, H.; Lavoie, J.M.; Seelaender, M.C.L.

 ·  Glial cell activity is maintained during prolonged inflammatory challenge in rats
Borges, B.C.; Rorato, R.; Antunes-Rodrigues, J; Elias, L.L.K.