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Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
versão On-line ISSN 1414-431X


Braz J Med Biol Res vol.45 no.10 Ribeirão Preto out. 2012

 ·  Protein turnover, amino acid requirements and recommendations for athletes and active populations
Poortmans, J.R.; Carpentier, A.; Pereira-Lancha, L.O.; Lancha Jr., A.

 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 ·  Prevalence of ERα-397 PvuII C/T, ERα-351 XbaI A/G and PGR PROGINS polymorphisms in Brazilian breast cancer-unaffected women
Giacomazzi, J.; Aguiar, E.; Palmero, E.I.; Schmidt, A.V.; Skonieski, G.; Filho, D.D.; Bock, H.; Saraiva-Pereira, M.L.; Ewald, I.P.; Schuler-Faccini, L.; Camey, S.A.; Caleffi, M.; Giugliani, R.; Ashton-Prolla, P.

 Cell Biology
 ·  Hydrogen sulfide postconditioning protects isolated rat hearts against ischemia and reperfusion injury mediated by the JAK2/STAT3 survival pathway
Luan, Heng-Fei; Zhao, Zhi-Bin; Zhao, Qi-Hong; Zhu, Pin; Xiu, Ming-Yu; Ji, Yong

 ·  Silencing HIF-1α reduces the adhesion and secretion functions of acute leukemia hBMSCs
Dong-Feng, Zeng; Ting, Liu; Cheng, Chang; Xi, Zhang; Xue, Liang; Xing-Hua, Chen; Pei-Yan, Kong

 ·  Secretory TAT-peptide-mediated protein transduction of LIF receptor α-chain distal cytoplasmic motifs into human myeloid HL-60 cells
Sun, Q.; Xiong, J.; Lu, J.; Xu, S.; Li, Y.; Zhong, X.P.; Gao, G.K.; Liu, H.Q.

 Experimental Biology
 ·  Effect of different durations of overdistention on rat bladder function and morphology
Jin, Xiao-Dong; Cao, Min; Zhou, Xie-Lai; Yin, Hong-Ping; Chen, Zhao-Dian; Xu, Ning; Jiang, Hai

 ·  Reversal of the anticoagulant and anti-hemostatic effect of low molecular weight heparin by direct prothrombin activation
Andrade, S.A.; Carrijo-Carvalho, L.C.; Peceguini, L.A.M.; Wlian, L.; Sato, A.C.; Luchiari, C.; Silva, E.D.; Maffei, F.H.A.; Chudzinski-Tavassi, A.M.

 ·  A study on the short-term effect of cafeteria diet and pioglitazone on insulin resistance and serum levels of adiponectin and ghrelin
Colombo, G.; Bazzo, M.L.; Nogueira, C.L.; Colombo, M.D.H.P.; Schiavon, L.L.; d’Acampora, A.J.

 ·  Prolonged acceptance of skin grafts induced by B cells places regulatory T cells on the histopathology scene
Langier, S.; Galvani, R.G.; Alves, A.P.G.; Fidelis, R.; Nunes, P.H.C.; Silva, M.H.; Castilho, L.R.; Monteiro, J.P.; Bonomo, A.

 ·  Effect of the 5-HT4 receptor and serotonin transporter on visceral hypersensitivity in rats
Yan, Chi; Xin-Guang, Liu; Hua-Hong, Wang; Jun-Xia, Li; Yi-Xuan, Li

 Neurosciences and Behavior
 ·  Comparison of the reliability of multifocal visual evoked cortical potentials generated by pattern reversal and pattern pulse stimulation
Souza, G.S.; Schakelford, H.B.; Moura, A.L.A.; Gomes, B.D.; Ventura, D.F.; Fitzgerald, M.E.C.; Silveira, L.C.L.

 ·  Decreased levels of pNR1 S897 protein in the cortex of neonatal Sprague Dawley rats with hypoxic-ischemic or NMDA-induced brain damage
Hei, Ming-Yan; Tao, Hui-Kang; Tang, Qin; Yu, Bo; Zhao, Ling-Ling

 ·  Psychological stress alters the ultrastructure and increases IL-1β and TNF-α in mandibular condylar cartilage
Lv, Xin; Li, Qiang; Wu, Shun; Sun, Jing; Zhang, Min; Chen, Yong-Jin

 ·  A simple test of muscle coactivation estimation using electromyography
Ervilha, U.F.; Graven-Nielsen, T.; Duarte, M.

 ·  Behavioral meaningful opioidergic stimulation activates kappa receptor gene expression
Teodorov, E.; Ferrari, M.F.R.; Fior-Chadi, D.R.; Camarini, R.; Felício, L.F.

 Physiology and Biophysics
 ·  Physical training prevents body weight gain but does not modify adipose tissue gene expression
Higa, T.S.; Bergamo, F.C.; Mazzucatto, F.; Fonseca-Alaniz, M.H.; Evangelista, F.S.