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Food Science and Technology (Campinas)
versión On-line ISSN 1678-457X


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Ciênc. Tecnol. Aliment. v.25 n.1 Campinas ene./mar. 2005


Thermoalytical study, HPLC and physical and chemical cracking from corn industry co-product
Mothé, Cheila G.; Damico, Aline; Machado, Maria da Glória S.

Cluster analysis, with basis in physico-chemical composition, of samples of honey produced by Apis mellifera L. in São Paulo State
Marchini, Luís Carlos; Moreti, Augusta Carolina de Camargo Carmello; Otsuk, Ivani Pozar

Sensory profile and acceptability of cultivars of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Carneiro, Joel Camilo Souza; Minim, Valéria Paula Rodrigues; Souza Jr, Manoel Messias de; Carneiro, José Eustáquio Souza; Araújo, Geraldo Antônio Andrade

Determination of protein in raw coffee for NIR spectroscopy and regression PLS
Morgano, Marcelo A.; Faria, Cristiano Gomes; Ferrão, Marco F.; Bragagnolo, Neura; Ferreira, Márcia M.C.

Influence of CaCl2 on postharvest quality of cv. Pérola pineaplle
Pinheiro, Ana Carla Marques; Vilas Boas, Eduardo Valério de Barros; Lima, Luciana Costa

Distillation of the miscella II: modeling and simulation of the hexane stripping
Paraíso, Paulo R.; Andrade, Cid M. G.; Zemp, Roger J.

Antioxidant effect of spice at different water activity
Guerra, Nonete Barbosa; Lajolo, Franco Maria

Effect of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) weight on yield and quality of their smoked and in natura fillets with and without skin
Souza, Maria Luiza Rodrigues de; Viegas, Elisabete M. Macedo; Sobral, Paulo José do Amaral; Kronka, Sérgio do Nascimento

Minimally processed smooth lettuce leaves (Lactuca sativa) stored at modified atmosphere: physica, chemical and physico-chemical analysis
Menezes, Ellen M S; Fernandes, Érica C.; Sabaa-Srur, Armando U. O.

Use of quality-protein maize in flour blends and in the production of cookies
Guilherme, Fátima F. P.; Jokl, Lieselotte

Conservation of green cococnut water by membrane filtration
Magalhães, Márcia Pimentel; Gomes, Flávia dos Santos; Modesta, Regina Célia Della; Matta, Virgínia Martins da; Cabral, Lourdes Maria Corrêa

Analysis of mechanical properties of breakfast cereals during process of milk absorption
Takeuchi, Katiuchia Pereira; Sabadini, Edméia; Cunha, Rosiane Lopes da

Production of calcium enriched soymilk
Casé, Fabiana; Deliza, Rosires; Rosenthal, Amauri

The effects of light and freezing temperature upon the stability of purple surinam cherry's anthocyanins
Lima, Vera Lúcia Arroxelas G. de; Mélo, Enayde de Almeida; Lima, Daisyvângela E. da Silva

Production of isomaltulose from enzymatic transformation of sucrose, using Erwinia sp D12 immobilized with calcium alginate
Moraes, Ana Lúcia Leite; Steckelberg, Claúdia; Sato, Hélia Harumi; Pinheiro, Andrelina

Use of the titratable acidity in the quality control of the milked human milk
Cavalcante, Jorge Luís Pereira; Telles, Francisco José Siqueira; Peixoto, Maria Marly Lopes Vieira; Rodrigues, Rita de Cássia de Barros

Chemical and nutritional evaluation and antinutritional factors of irradiated black beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).
Mechi, Rodrigo; Caniatti-Brazaca, Solange G.; Arthur, Valter

Methodology for evalution of good manufacturing practices in industries of cheese roll
Tomich, Renata Graça Pinto; Tomich, Thierry Ribeiro; Amaral, Cláudia Antônia Alcântara; Junqueira, Roberto Gonçalves; Pereira, Accácia Júlia Guimarães

Rheology of acerola juice: effects of concentration and temperature
Silva, F.C. da; Guimarães, Daniela Helena Pelegrine; Gasparetto, C.A.

Kinetics of deterioration presented bt vacuum packaged grass carp (Ctenopharryngodon idella) fillets under different refrigeration conditions
Prentice, Carlos; Sainz, Ricardo Lemos

Aqueous enzymatic of soybean oil
Santos, Renata Dinnies; Ferrari, Roseli Aparecida

Optimization and validation of a method for determination of oxytetracycline, tetracycline and chlortetracycline residues in milk by high performance liquid chromatography
Ruela, Iara C. A.; Lima, Josefa A.; Souza, Scheilla V. C. de; Junqueira, Roberto G.

Elaboration of beverage composed by blends of clarified-stabilized sugar cane and juice's acid fruits
Prati, Patricia; Moretti, Roberto Hermínio; Cardello, Helena Maria André Bolini

Texture profile and expressible moisture in albume gels of eggs coated with whey
Alleoni, Ana Cláudia Carraro; Antunes, Aloísio José

Optimization by the surface methodology of thecnological parameters for the production of restructured and dried fruit made from concentrated papaya pulp
Grizotto, Regina Kitagawa; Bruns, Roy Edward; Aguirre, José Maurício de; Batista, Giovani

Physical and chemical properties of aged dry black common beans, Iapar 44 cultivar
Ribeiro, Horaci Jaqueline Silva de Souza; Prudencio-Ferreira, Sandra Helena; Miyagui, Dalva Tomoe

Study of cost and yield of minas like fresh cheese produced with added fat freee soybean hydro-soluble extract powder with curd formed by different coagulants agents
Neves-Souza, R. D.; Silva, R.S. S. F.

Soy yogurt supplemented with oligofructose and inulin
Fuchs, Renata Hernandez Barros; Borsato, Dionísio; Bona, Edivaldo; Hauly, Maria Celia de Oliveira

Study of cupuassu liquor
Cohen, Kelly de Oliveira; Jackix, Marisa de Nazaré Hoelz

Raw milk from four Brazilian milk-producing states: perspectives of compliance with the microbiological criteria established by the Instrução Normativa 51
Nero, Luís Augusto; Mattos, Marcos Rodrigues de; Beloti, Vanerli; Barros, Márcia de A. F.; Pinto, José Paes de A. N.; Andrade, Nélio José de; Silva, Wladimir Padilha da; Franco, Bernadette D. G. M.