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Food Science and Technology (Campinas)
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Ciênc. Tecnol. Aliment. vol.26 no.2 Campinas April/June 2006


Microbiological characteristics of orange juices
Oliveira, Juliana C.; Setti-Perdigão, Pedro; Siqueira, Karina A.G.; Santos, Antônio C.; Miguel, Marco A.L.

Evaluation of minimally processed melon stored at different temperatures and packages
Pizarro, Cintya Alejandra Castilho; Benedetti, Benedito Carlos; Haj-Isa, Niurka Maritza Almeyda

The supply of fruits and vegetables for food and nutrition hospitals units
Schneider, Aline Petter

Composition of milk whit casein instability
Oliveira, Daniela S.; Timm, Cláudio D.

Physical, microbiological and parasitological quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) from different growing processes
Santana, Ligia Regina R. de; Carvalho, Rosemary D.S.; Leite, Clicia Capibaribe; Alcântara, Leda Maria; Oliveira, Tchana Weyll S. de; Rodrigues, Breno da M.

Evaluation of iron availabilty of the common bean in comparson with bovine meat
Moura, Neila Camargo de; Canniatti-Brazaca, Solange Guidolin

Influence of pasture and feedlot systems in microbial contamination of bovine carcasses
Jardim, Fernanda B.B.; Silva, Edir N. da; Okura, Mônica H.; Ramos, Márcia A.

Study of the great rhea (Rhea americana) meat stability under storage
Pereira, Amanda V.; Romanelli, Pedro F.; Scriboni, Andréia B.; Barboza, Sílvia R.

Physico-chemical composition of Cabernet Franc wine from vineyards conducted in the lyre system
Manfroi, Luciano; Miele, Alberto; Rizzon, Luiz A.; Barradas, Carlos I.N.

Reconocimiento de alimentos vegetales: caracterización micro-gráfica del grano de avena
Crivaro, N.O.; Apóstolo, N.M.; Calloni, S.; Lorenzo, E.; Viñales, L.; Gualdieri, P.

Characterisation of black-berry juice prepared in a domestic extractor
Mota, Renata Vieira da

Rice parboilization wastewater phosphorus removal by enhanced biological assimilation in sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
Faria, Osvaldo Luís Vieira; Koetz, Paulo Roberto; Santos, Magda Santos dos; Nunes, Wolney Aliodes

Characterization and sensorial evaluation of functional cereal bar
Freitas, Daniela G.C.; Moretti, Roberto H.

Effect of extrusion on the water adsorption of pre-gelatinized flours from rice and jabuticaba bagasse
Ascheri, Diego P.R.; Andrade, Cristina T.; Carvalho, Carlos W.P.; Ascheri, José L.R.

Aflatoxins in corn-based food products traded in Brazil and risks to human health
Amaral, Kassia Ayumi Segawa do; Nascimento, Gabriel Bassaga; Sekiyama, Beatriz Leiko; Janeiro, Vanderly; Machinski Jrs, Miguel

Evaluation of different swine breeds submitted to the electric and gaseous(CO2) stunning systems: part 2 - quality objective mensurations
Bertoloni, William; Silveira, Expedito Tadeu Facco; Ludtke, Charli B.; Costa, Marcela de Rezende

Coliforms at 45ºc and comparison of most probable number method and Petrifilm EC for enumeration of total coliforms and Escherichia coli of foods
Silva, M.P.; Cavalli, D.R.; Oliveira, T.C.R.M.

Thermophysical characterization of bacuri pulp
Muniz, Marcelo B.; Queiroz, Alexandre José de M.; Figueiredo, Rossana M.F. de; Duarte, Maria Elita M.

Functional (technological) properties of yeast cellular wall of alcoholic fermentation and its glycan, mannan, and glycoprotein fractions
Chaud, Saula Goulart; Sgarbieri, Valdemiro Carlos

Myciretin, quercetin and kaempterol contents in teas commercialized in Brazil
Matsubara, Simara; Rodriguez-Amaya, Delia B.

Instrumental texture of probiotic petit-suisse cheese: influence of different combinations of gums
Maruyama, Larissa Yukie; Cardarelli, Haíssa Roberta; Buriti, Flávia Carolina Alonso; Saad, Susana Marta Isay

A method for fast determination of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epicatechin (EC), catechin (C) and caffeine (CAF) in green tea using HPLC
Saito, Samuel T.; Welzel, Albert; Suyenaga, Edna S.; Bueno, Francie

Cathechin and theaflavin levels of teas commercialized in Brazil
Matsubara, Simara; Rodriguez-Amaya, Delia B.

Study of the equilibrium isotherms of soybean meal
Luz, Gianini R.; Sousa, Luiza H.C.D.; Jorge, Luiz M.M.; Paraíso, Paulo R.

Discrimination of Salmonella serovars isolated from chicken meat by REP and ERIC-PCR and phagotyping of Enteriditis sorovar
Alcocer, Iliana; Oliveira, Kelly Mari P. De; Vidotto, Marilda Carlos; Oliveira, Tereza Cristina R.M. de

Chicken feather keratin: extraction, characterization and films preparation
Moore, Geovana R.P.; Martelli, Silvia M.; Gandolfo, Cristhiane A.; Pires, Alfredo T.N.; Laurindo, João B.

Sensorial profile of wholewheat bread
Battochio, Juliana Rosa; Cardoso, Juliana Maria Porto; Kikuchi, Mariana; Macchione, Mariana; Modolo, Juliana Stefanon; Paixão, Andréa Letícia; Pinchelli, Andréa Mattos; Silva, Alessandra Regina da; Sousa, Valéria Caselato de; Wada, Joeni Keiko Alves; Wada, Joyce Kazue Alves; Bolini, Helena Maria André

Evaluation of apple cultivar Joaquina as raw material for juice and wine processing
Fertonani, Heloísa Cristina Ramos; Simões, Deise Rosana Silva; Nogueira, Alessandro; Wosiacki, Gilvan

Sustitución de lardo por grasa vegetal en salchichas: incorporación de pasta de aguacate. Efecto de la inhibición del oscurecimiento enzimático sobre el color
Rueda-Lugo, Ubaldo; González-Tenorio, Roberto; Totosaus, Alfonso

Evaluation of the antioxidant activity using the b-carotene/linoleic acid system and the DPPH scavenging method
Duarte-Almeida, Joaquim Maurício; Santos, Ricardo José dos; Genovese, Maria Inês; Lajolo, Franco Maria

Influence of temperature and concentration of the chloride sodium(NaCl) on sorption isotherms of tambaqui meat (Colossoma macroparum)
Molina-Filho, Lucídio; Pedro, Maria Angélica M.; Telis-Romero, Javier; Barboza, Silvia H. Romeiro

Effect of extrusion parameters in the physical properties of expanded yam snacks
Leonel, Magali; Mischan, Martha Maria; Pinho, Sheila Zambello de; Iaturo, Ricardo António; Duarte Filho, Jaime

Determination of vapor pressure of organic compounds by gas chromatography
Povh, Fabrício P.; Rodrigues, Vera M.; Meireles, Maria A. A.; Pinheiro, Nanci

Water absorption and whipping properties of extrusion-cooked wheat-soybean flours
Wang, Sin H.; Rocha, Geisa O.; Nascimento, Talita P.; Ascheri, José L.R.

Protein characterisation of the Aphanothece Microscopica Nägeli cyanobacterium cultivated in parboiled rice effluent
Jacob-Lopes, Eduardo; Zepka, Leila Queiroz; Queiroz, Maria Isabel; Netto, Flavia Maria