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Revista de Economia Política
Print version ISSN 0101-3157


Table of contents
Rev. Econ. Polit. vol.31 no.5 São Paulo  2011

Iceland's meltdown: the rise and fall of international banking in the North Atlantic
Wade, Robert H.; Sigurgeirsdottir, Silla

Financial liberalization, macroeconomic policy and economic growth within the BRIC's countries
Paula, Luiz Fernando de; Barcelos, Fábio Campos

Finance-led growth regime in Brazil
Bruno, Miguel; Diawara, Hawa; Araújo, Eliane; Reis, Anna Carolina; Rubens, Mário

Financial integration, foreign savings and income convergence: theory and evidence
Damasceno, Aderbal Oliveira

Interests and international relations trajectories: the US and the global finances in a context of crises and transition
Coelho, Jaime César

Countercyclical fiscal policy, international financial crisis and economic growth in Brazil
Gadelha, Sérgio Ricardo de Brito

Institutions and regional policies: a proposal for the new Sudene
Pedroza Júnior, Dinilson; Andrade, Thiago Alexandro N.; Bonfim, Cristine Vieira do

 Special Section
 ·  Growth with financial stability and new developmentalism

 ·  The project: financial instability and overvaluation of the exchange rate in Latin America: analysis and policy recommendations
Bresser-Pereira, Luiz Carlos

 ·  The first workshop: new developmentalism

 ·  The document: ten theses on New Developmentalism

 ·  The second workshop: financial stability and financial governance in Brazil

 ·  Financial regulation and the Brazilian response to the 2008-2009 financial crisis
Barbosa, Nelson

 ·  Structured derivatives contracts, hedging exchange appreciation and financial instability: Brazil, China and Korea
Kregel, Jan

 ·  Financial stability regulation in Brazil (1998-2008)
Carvalho, Fernando J. Cardim de

 ·  Financial governance in Brazil 1998-2010: an overview
Carneiro, Ricardo

 ·  Banking efficiency, governance and financial regulation in Brazil
Paula, Luiz Fernando de

 ·  Macroeconomic constraints to growth of Brazilian economy
Oreiro, José Luis

 ·  Brazil's response: how did financial regulation and monetary policy influence recovery?
Ferrari Filho, Fernando

 ·  A note on Brazilian financial regulation and governance
Barbosa, Fernando de Holanda

 ·  The Brazilian experience on prudential regulation and its impacts on the 2008 financial crisis
Sobreira, Rogério

 ·  Exchange rate management techniques
Prates, Daniela Magalhães

 ·  Overcoming the "impossible trinity": towards a mix of macroeconomic policy instruments for sustaining economic development in Brazil
Nassif, André