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Table of contents
Trans/Form/Ação vol.17  Marília Jan. 1994

 Original Articles
 ·  Walter Benjamin and marxism
Löwy, Michel

 ·  Myth and politics: notes on the concept of destiny in the "young " Benjamin
Chaves, Ernani

 ·  The heirs of German idealism
Musse, Ricardo

 ·  Notes on the "lack of foundation" in Theodor W. Adorno philosophy
Duarte, Rodrigo Antonio de Paiva

 ·  Hermeneutics and critical theory: enlightenment as political
Howard, Dick

 ·  Reproduction and ontology in Lukács
Lessa, Sergio

 ·  Rosa Luxemburg: short profile of a revolutionary
Loureiro, Isabel Maria

 ·  Sartre's l'etre et ie neant: a philosophical discovery of "modern times"
Mendonça, Cristina Diniz

 ·  Some reflections on Descartes and Machiavelli
Araujo, Cícero

 ·  The Greeks and us
Santos, Maria Carolina Alves dos

 ·  Non-linearities: from the dynamics of the simple to the dynamics of the complex
Piqueira, José Roberto Castilho

 ·  Some considerations on the status of the psychic in "Freudian" Project
Milidoni, Carmen Beatriz