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Table of contents
Trans/Form/Ação vol.29 no.1 Marília  2006

 Original Articles
 ·  From aesthetic experience and teleological appreciation of nature to the ecological consciousness: Reading Kant's Critique of Judgment
Santos, Leonel Ribeiro dos

 ·  Natural right and property in Jean Bodin
Barros, Alberto Ribeiro G. de

 ·  Order of concupiscence and greatness of man in Pascal
Limongi, Maria Isabel

 ·  Gesture and abstraction: employments of verb gounoûmai in Homer
Oliveira, Flávio Ribeiro de

 ·  To inspire trust: considration about the moral formation in Kant
Oliveira, Mário Nogueira de

 ·  The emptied symbol: young György Lukács's Theory of the Romance
Silva, Arlenice Almeida da

 ·  A lembrança do presente e o falso reconhecimento
Bergson, Henri

 ·  O esforço intelectual
Bergson, Henri

 ·   Traduzione e cura di Angelo Tonelli, Texto Originale a fronte
Funari, Pedro Paulo A.