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Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte
On-line version ISSN 2179-3255


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Esporte (Impr.) vol.32 no.1 Porto Alegre Sept. 2010

 ·  RBCE: pluralidade, abrangência
Vaz, Alexandre Fernandez; Oliveira, Marcus Aurélio Taborda de

 ·  The Brazilian soccer style is disappearing?
Bartholo, Tiago Lisboa; Soares, Antonio Jorge Gonçalves; Salvador, Marco Antonio Santoro; Di Blasi, Felipe

 ·  Memories of the tragedy: masculinity and ageing in the 1950's World Cup
Pacheco, Leonardo Turchi

 ·  For a conceptual history of sport: dialogue with Reinhart Koselleck
Melo, Victor Andrade de

 ·  Action sports: notes for academic research
Brandão, Leonardo

 ·  The CBCE as "solo comum" for dialogue needed to the field of physical education: four introductory notes...
Rezer, Ricardo

 ·  The cultures of physical education
Rodrigues, Leonardo Lima; Bracht, Valter

 ·  Physical education in educational associate policies destined to young people
Levoratti, Alejo

 ·  Public policy for sports and recreation & public policy education: promotion of physical education in and out of school or double standards?
Mendes, Alessandra Dias; Azevêdo, Paulo Henrique

 ·  Professional basketball players perception over their head coach's leadership style
Alba, George dos Reis; Toigo, Taisson; Barcellos, Paulo Fernando Pinto

 ·  Assessment of nutrition knowledge of women physically active and its relationship with nutritional status
Castro, Natália Mori Gonçalves de; Dáttilo, Murilo; Lopes, Laura Cuvello

 ·  Effects of a single session of physical exercise on body state image
Carraro, Attilio; Nart, Alessandra; Scarpa, Stefano

 ·  Interaction between among leptin, artistic gymnastic, puberty and exercise in female athletes
Meira, Tatiana de Barros; Nunomura, Myrian

 ·  Supplementation with high dosage of caffeine do not affect bone breaking force in female rats submitted to a vertical jump training
Gomes, Gilton de Jesus; Carneiro-Júnior, Miguel Araujo; Silva, Márcia Ferreira da; Franco, Frederico Souzalima Caldoncelli; Marins, João Carlos Bouzas; Natali, Antônio José

 ·  Specific muscular strength performance at swimmers sprinters trained with parachute
Bocalini, Danilo Sales; Rica, Roberta Luksevicius; Triviño, Rodrigo do Nascimento; Serra, Andrey Jorge

 ·  Evaluate of dominant and nondominant knee extensors and flexors isokinetic performance in futsal athletes
Ferreira, Aparecido Pimentel; Gomes, Sérgio Adriano; Ferreira, Carlos Ernesto Santos; Arruda, Miguel de; França, Nanci Maria de

 Book Reviews
 ·  Football, the global spetacle: a review of the book Futebol e globalização
Santos, Natasha; Capraro, André Mendes; Mosko, Jackson Fernando; Lise, Riqueldi Straub