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Archives of Clinical Psychiatry (São Paulo)
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Álcool & Drogas

Table of contents
Rev. psiquiatr. clín. vol.35  suppl.1 São Paulo  2008

 ·  The importance of scientific knowledge in combating the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs
Andrade, Arthur Guerra de

 Original Papers
 ·  Demonstration of the costs for the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) relative to hospitalization of Psychoactive Substance (PS) users between the years 2000 and 2002, in the city of Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gallassi, Andrea Donatti; Elias, Paulo Eduardo Mangeon; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de

 ·  Evaluation of medical students' attitudes towards drug abuse by colleagues in the academic environment
Mesquita, Elisa Maria de; Nunes, Alice Jaruche; Cohen, Cláudio

 ·  Alcohol in suicide victims in Sao Paulo
Ponce, Julio de Carvalho; Andreuccetti, Gabriel; Jesus, Maria das Graças da Silva; Leyton, Vilma; Muñoz, Daniel Romero

 ·  A study on the stability of anhydroecgonine methyl ester (crack biomarker), benzoylecgonine, and cocaine in human urine
Carvalho, Virgínia Martins; Chasin, Alice A. da Matta; Carvalho, Débora Gonçalves de

 ·  The impact of alcohol consumption on weight gain
Kachani, Adriana Trejger; Brasiliano, Silvia; Hochgraf, Patrícia Brufentrinker

 ·  The cost of problems caused by alcohol abuse
Gallassi, Andrea Donatti; Alvarenga, Pedro Gomes de; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de; Couttolenc, Bernard François

 ·  Epidemiology of heavy drinking and heavy episodic drinking in Brazil: a systematic review of literature
Silveira, Camila Magalhães; Silveira, Clóvis Castanho; Silva, Janaina Guzzardi da; Silveira, Lígia Magalhães; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de; Andrade, Laura Helena Silveira Guerra de

 ·  Gambling and substance use by the elderly: a review of the literature
Galetti, Cecília; Alvarenga, Pedro Gomes de; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de; Tavares, Hermano

 ·  Drug abuse during pregnancy
Yamaguchi, Eduardo Tsuyoshi; Cardoso, Mônica Maria Siaulys Capel; Torres, Marcelo Luis Abramides; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de

 ·  The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among Brazilian college students
Wagner, Gabriela Arantes; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de

 ·  Comorbidity of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with alcohol and drug abuse and dependency: a literature review
Dantas, Heloisa de Souza; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de

 ·  Effects of alcohol and illegal drugs on at-risk adolescents' behavior: a review of the scientific publications between 1997 and 2007
Heim, Joanna; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de

 ·  Illegal drugs and the traffic: a problem rarely discussed in Brazil
Ponce, Julio de Carvalho; Leyton, Vilma

 ·  Alcohol consumption as a risk factor in the transmission of STD/HIV/Aids
Cardoso, Luciana Roberta Donola; Malbergier, André; Figueiredo, Tathiana Fernandes Biscuola

 ·  The treatment of adolescent drug and alcohol users: a matter to be discussed with adolescents?
Almeida, Marilia Mastrocolla de; Oliveira, Márcia Aparecida de; Pinho, Paula Hayasi

 ·  The psychosocial rehabilitation of individuals with alcohol and drug use disorders: a possible strategy?
Pinho, Paula Hayasi; Oliveira, Márcia Aparecida de; Almeida, Marilia Mastrocolla de