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Serviço Social & Sociedade
Print version ISSN 0101-6628


Table of contents
Serv. Soc. Soc.  no.107 São Paulo July/Sept. 2011


 ·  The ways of being of informality: towards a new era of structural precarious work?
Antunes, Ricardo

 ·  The social worker as a wage earner: challenges due to the violations of his rights
Raichelis, Raquel

 ·  Local actors in the implementation of the policy of professional qualification
Filgueiras, Cristina Almeida Cunha

 ·  Social Welfare and health of the worker: a dispersed demand
Mendes, Jussara Maria Rosa; Wünsch, Dolores Sanches

 ·  The Social Services and the area of people management: mediations in tune with the National Policy of Humanization of Hospital Giselda Trigueiro
Regis, Maria Figuerêdo de Araújo

 ·  The Social Worker's job in hospitals: daily challenges
Martinelli, Maria Lúcia

 ·  Crime-jail-free (liberty)-crime: the wicked circle the crime reincidence
Ferreira, Angelita Rangel

 ·  Between monsters and victims: the coercion and the socialization within the Socioeducational System of Minas Gerais
Menicucci, Clarissa Gonçalves; Carneiro, Carla Bronzo Ladeira

 ·  Work conditions and the social workers' struggle for a thirty-hour working journey
Boschetti, Ivanete

 ·  Dilséa A. Bonetti: a special presence among us
Koga, Dirce

 ·  Good-bye to Nobuko Kameyama
Yazbek, Maria Carmelita

 ·  Work and mental wear: the individual's right to be the owner of himself
Joazeiro, Edna Maria Goulart

 ·  The ethical dimension of the professional work in custody and psychiatric hospitals
Ortiz, Fátima Grave