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Educação & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.24 no.83 Campinas Aug. 2003

 Dossier: "Adorno and the education"
 ·  Apresentação
Zuin, Antonio A. S.; Pucci, Bruno; Ramos-de-Oliveira, Newton

 ·  Philosophy and music in the "bildung" of Adorno
Pucci, Bruno

 ·  The negative moral philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno
Schweppenhäuser, Gerhard

 ·  Taboos against teachers today
Zuin, Antonio A. S.

 ·  Ethical impasses in education today
Lastória, Luiz A. Calmon Nabuco

 ·   Schematism and semi-erudition
Duarte, Rodrigo

 ·  Adorno, semi-formation and education
Maar, Wolfgang Leo

 ·  Adorno and the musical education through radio broadcasts
Carone, Iray

 ·  Adorno, art and education: art business as negation
Fabiano, Luiz Hermenegildo

 ·  Academic elites and the schooling of their children
Brandão, Zaia; Lellis, Isabel

 ·  Educational policies in the State of São Paulo: controversies around the concepts of decentralization and autonomy 1983-1999
Martins, Ângela Maria

 Revisão & Síntese
 ·  Sociology of education in France: a productive course
Vasconcellos, Maria Drosila

 Análise das Práticas Pedagógicas
 ·  The political pedagocical project and the construction of school autonomy and democracy in the social representations of the school councilors
Marques, Luciana Rosa

 ·  Tacit knowledge and school knowledge in teachers' education (why Donald Schön didn't understand Luria)
Duarte, Newton

 ·  Traditions and contradictions in the Brazilian postgraduate studies
Santos, Cássio Miranda dos

 Education Journal
 ·  Knowing one's own talents: public school youngsters in the research institutions of Rio de Janeiro
Amâncio, Ana Maria; Neves, Rosa Maria Corrêa das

 ·  Education, prevention and drugs: results and unfolding of the evaluation of an educational game
Monteiro, Simone Souza; Vargas, Eliane Portes; Rebello, Sandra Monteiro

 Images & Words
 ·  Lessons on screenplay writing, by JLG
Leandro, Anita

 ·  Desafios do conhecimento
Mendes, Paulo Henrique A.