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Educação & Sociedade
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Caminhos na construção do Plano Nacional da Educação: questões desafiadoras e embates emblemáticos

Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.31 no.112 Campinas July/Sept. 2010

 ·  Reviewing the National Plan for Education: the Brazilian society proposal
Bollman, Maria Da Graça Nóbrega

 ·  EValuation of the 2001-2009 national plan for education: structural and short-term questions in a policy
Dourado, Luiz Fernandes

 ·  Assessment of the 2001-2009 national plan for education: food for thought
Aguiar, Márcia Angela Da S.

 ·  Federalism and intergovernmental relations: implications for the education reform in Brazil
Costa, Valeriano Mendes Ferreira

 ·  Constitution, federation and proposals for the new National Plan for Education: an analysis of the proposed national organization of the Brazilian education system based on collaboration
Araujo, Gilda Cardoso De

 ·  Organization of the Brazilian education: national education council and system, plan and national education forum
Saviani, Dermeval

 ·  Prospects and challenges in the debate on funding and administrating education: from CONAE to a new PNE
Gouveia, Andréa Barbosa; Souza, Ângelo Ricardo De

 ·  Pre-school education and the National Plan for Education: the 2010 CONAE´S proposals
Vieira, Lívia Maria Fraga

 ·  National curriculum guidelines for elementary school and National Plan for Education: opening the discussion
Santos, Lucíola Licínio

 ·  HIgh school education in the national plan for education for 2011-2020: making up for the lost decade?
Kuenzer, Acacia Zeneida

 ·  The relation between vocational education and basic education in 2010 CONAE: possibilities and limits to construct the new National Plan for Education
Moura, Dante Henrique

 ·  Higher education in the perspective of the national education system and of the National Plan for Education
Goergen, Pedro

 ·  Inclusion, diversity and equality in the 2010 CONAE: perspectives for the new National Plan for Education
Laplane, Adriana Lia Friszman; Prieto, Rosângela Gavioli

 ·  Youth and adult education in the national plan for education: assessment, challenges and perspectives
Di Pierro, Maria Clara

 ·  The National Plan for Education and the information and communication technologies
Zuin, Antonio A. S.

 ·  Basic education teachers' training and valuation: challenging questions for the new national plan for education
Scheibe, Leda

 ·  Crisis of the education and training democratization project or crisis of a democratization project model? Some reflections based on the french case (1980-2010)
Derouet, Jean-Louis

 Images & Words
 ·  Entrevista: A Conferência Nacional de Educação (CONAE) e o Plano Nacional de Educação (PNE)