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Educação & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Educ. Soc. vol.32 no.117 Campinas Oct./Dec. 2011

 ·  The 2020 education strategy or the limitations of the World Bank to promote "learning for all"
Verger, Antoni; Bonal, Xavier

 ·  Doctoral training in Brazil and abroad: impacts on the propensity to migrate
Ramos, Milena Yumi; Velho, Lea

 ·  "School choice" and family profiles: another facet of school inequalities
Resende, Tania de Freitas; Nogueira, Cláudio Marques M.; Nogueira, Maria Alice

 ·  Custom-made students: psychological and educational tests as technology
Sass, Odair

 ·  The evolution of literacy rates in Brazil in the 1990s and the 2000s
Ferraro, Alceu Ravanello

 ·  Citizenship, education and social responsibility: the biographical journey of young pregnant women in social protection environments
Fonseca, Laura; Santos, Sofia; Caldas, José Manuel Peixoto

 ·  Habermas and education: communicative rationality, critical diagnosis and emancipation
Mühl, Eldon Henrique

 ·  High school: in search of a pedagogical principle
Nosella, Paolo

 ·  Youth, life projects and high school
Leão, Geraldo; Dayrell, Juarez Tarcísio; Reis, Juliana Batista dos

 Reviews and Syntheses
 ·  On pluralism, tolerance and truth: epistemological and ethical dialog for intercultural education
Andrade, Marcelo

 ·  Working conditions and their impacts on the health of basic education teachers in Brasil
Souza, Aparecida Neri de; Leite, Marcia de Paula

 Pedagogical Practice Analysis
 ·  Interdisciplinary practices in elementary school: conceptions of teachers and preservice teachers in Quebec
Araújo-Oliveira, Anderson; Lenoir, Yves; Morales-Gomes, Maria Alejandra; McConnell, Anne Catherine

 Professional Upbringing of Education
 ·  Horizons of possibilities of mentoring in Chili: an analysis of the pilot experience from the discursive perspective
Núñez, Carmen Gloria; Pino, Mauricio; López, Verónica

 Discussion and Polemics
 ·  Continuing education: a solution to unemployment?
Mattos, Valéria de Bettio; Bianchetti, Lucídio

 ·  Training or reification?: Education between the same and the other
Trevisan, Amarildo Luiz

 Images and Words
 ·  The research, time, politics...
Almeida, Milton José de

 ·  Social uses of photographs in school environments intended for young children
Gobbi, Marcia

 ·  Right to social, left to capital
Souza, Silvana Aparecida de