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História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369


Table of contents
História vol.22 no.2 Franca  2003


 Latin America
 ·  Radical hope and conservative despair in the independence of Spanish America
Prado, Maria Ligia Coelho

 ·  The 1898’s symbol date: the Cuban Independence impact in Spain and Spanish America
Capelato, Maria Helena Rolim

 ·  Tocqueville, Sarmiento and Alberdi: three visions on Democracy in Americas
Beired, José Luis Bendicho

 ·  The battle of the heroes: Political leadership and American identity in Oliveira Lima and José Enrique Rodó
Santos, Fabio Muruci dos

 ·  Reading verses with the eyes of History: literature and Nation in Ricardo Rojas and Jorge Luis Borges
Funes, Patricia

 ·  Borges and his contemporaneous streets
Pinto, Júlio Pimentel

 ·  Building a reading Argentina: state schools, libraries and the publishing market in late -19th century and in the first half of 20th century
Soares, Gabriela Pellegrino

 ·  An uncommon visit: Fidel Castro in Allende’s Chile
Aggio, Alberto

 ·  The right to identity: the restitution of appropriated children in the Southern Cone military dictatorships
Quadrat, Samantha Viz

 Historiographical Essays
 ·  History without cause? The new cultural History, the grand narrative and the postcolonial dilemma
Weinstein, Barbara

 ·  Bandoleiros, cangaceiros e matreiros: Social Banditism historiography in Latin America reviewed
Ferreras, Norberto O.

 ·  A British traveller in Bahia
França, Jean Marcel Carvalho