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História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369


Table of contents
História vol.25 no.1 Franca  2006

 Dossiê: Trabalho e Sociedade nas Américas
 ·  Indigenuous work in the controlling dynamics of 17th century Maynas domination in Maranhão
Torres-Londoño, Fernando

 ·  The guarani jesuitic missions in the context of Enlightenment
Domingues, Beatriz Helena

 ·  Methodological and economic contributions to the Texas presidiary system, 1720-1772
Álvarez, José Manuel Serrano; Kuethe, Allan J.

 ·  Lands owners and slaves in Paraná: patterns and hierarchies in the early nineteenth century
Gutiérrez, Horacio

 ·  Social importance of work in the 19th century Mexico
Ojeda, Pedro Miranda

 ·  The Colour Solidarity Networks: the case of the 'compadres' Manoel and Laurino
Vellasco, Ivan de Andrade

 ·  The Contemporary Argentine Society Constitution: society and Work between 1880 and 1920
Ferreras, Norberto O.

 ·  Workers’ Colligation of Santos ceased the apathy
Karepovs, Dainis

 ·  The Latin America history at Desarrollo Económico magazine in the sixties years of the last century
Reichel, Heloisa Jochims; Broniczack, Ana Paula da Silva; Ehlert, Débora

 ·  Patronage, clientele, and political networks: the apparent duration of a concept within Brazilian political history
Cunha, Alexandre Mendes

 ·  A geografia do crime: violência nas Minas Setecentistas
Oliveira, Rodrigo Leonardo de Sousa

 ·  História & Natureza
Carvalho, Ely Bergo de

 ·  A História Escrita: teoria e história da historiografia
Zanirato, Silvia Helena