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História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369


Table of contents
História vol.26 no.2 Franca  2007

 Dossiê: História e Cultura Visual
 ·  Historical and aesthetic photoappreciation: a great challenge in between analog and digital production
Nasr, Rebeca Monroy

 ·  The photo-journalistic itinerary of Agustín Victor Casasola, 1901-1910
Escorza Rodríguez, Daniel

 ·  The anonymous heroes of the Mexican Revolution on glossy paper : the juan and the soldadera as symbols of "mexicanity"
Gautreau, Marion

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 ·  Photography in the first decades of the twentieth century as reported by São Paulo state daily press: O Estado de S. Paulo
Madio, Telma Campanha de Carvalho

 ·  Representations of Modern Brazil to read, to see and to hear in the circuit of the European Museums Trade, from 1906 to 1908
Borges, Maria Eliza Linhares

 ·  Power techniques, disciplines for observation: some aspects of the making of "modern journalism" in Brazil
Biroli, Flávia

 ·  Pictures of the Mexican Revolution: cinema and politics in documentary records
Bragança, Maurício de

 ·  An esthetics of precariousness: migration and intercultural exchanges in the cinema of Ozualdo Candeias (1967-92)
Teles, Ângela Aparecida

 ·  Tudo Bem and nacional-popular in Brazil of the 70’s
Garcia, Tânia da Costa

 ·  Sport, futurism and modernity
Melo, Victor Andrade de

 ·  The muralistic brigades from chilean experience: political propaganda and revolutionary imaginary
Dalmás, Carine

 ·  Inventory and cultural patrimony in the Brazil
Nogueira, Antonio Gilberto Ramos

 ·  The perception in the landscape transformation: the farmers in the deforestation of Engenheiro Beltrão - Paraná, 1948-1970
Carvalho, Ely Bergo de; Nodari, Eunice Sueli

 ·  Malinche, the Virgin and the mountain: the identity game in the tlaxcaltecas’ codices
Navarrete, Federico

 ·  Images and figures of a dreaming king: representations of Ourique’s miracle and Afonso Henriques’ oath in the 17TH century
Lima, Luís Filipe Silvério

 ·  Between the closing and the opening: the path of the "PC do B" from the Araguaia guerrilla to the New Republic (1974-1985)
Sales, Jean Rodrigues

 ·  Charity exercise as prestige space and social control tool, in the centre and south of Buenos Aires province at the end of nineteenth century
Trueba, Yolanda de Paz

 ·  Reality and national conscience: the political meaning of modernism
Faria, Daniel

 ·  A guerra das imagens: de Cristóvão Colombo a Blade Runner (1492-2019)
Langer, Johnni

 ·  Frontier Goiás, 1822-1889
Barreiro, José Carlos