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História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369


Table of contents
História vol.28 no.2 Franca  2009

Silva, Wilton C. L.; Carvalho, Margarida Maria de

 Dossiê: História, direito e justiça
 ·  History and political cultures: the legal conceptions evoked by the military governments while score of getting legitimacy
Silva, Márcia Pereira da

 ·  Medieval political theories and principles of construction of unit
Fernandes, Fátima Regina

 ·  The Conference in Washington (1951) and the historical roots of a new standard Brazilian diplomatic
Dalio, Danilo José; Miyamoto, Shiguenoli

 ·  The mass and the factory: attempts to control the spaces of São Paulo churches by their colonial bishops (1745 -1796)
Zanon, Dalila

 ·  Argentinean native-american confederations in action: politics, commerce and territories (1852-1859)
Passetti, Gabriel

 ·  The African history in schools Brazilian: between the legislation and lived, the eyes of the educational law specialists (1995-2006)
Oliva, Anderson Ribeiro

 ·  Light, laws and liberalism: conflicts in the São Paulo's electric light sector during the beninning of the 20th century
Saes, Alexandre Macchione

 ·  Scientific perception of Law
Friede, Reis

 ·  "A eloqüência farfalhante da tribuna do júri": the people's court and the law in Nelson Hungria
Sontag, Ricardo

 ·  When the Private has a Public interest: the foundation and the institutional trajectory of the Faculdade de Direito de Porto Alegre (1900-1937)
Grijó, Luiz Alberto

 ·  Freemen, slaves and the construction of a modern concept of criminality in Brazil Imperial
Ferreira, Ricardo Alexandre

 ·  Beyond order: daily prison life in Nineteenth-Century Bahia according to prisoners' correspondence
Trindade, Cláudia Moraes

 ·  "A good stimulus to regeneration": the State Penitentiary and the new strategies of the order in Curitiba in the First Republic
Gruner, Clóvis

 ·  Adoption: legal and social practices in Luso-Brazilian Empire (XVIII-XIX)
Moreno, Alessandra Zorzetto

 ·  In the labyrinths of the law: the rhetoric of agrarian reform in the Democratic State - Brazil 1995/2006
Silva, Jeanne

 ·  Diplomats, journalists, spies and publicists: the Mexican-Bolshevik campaign in Latin America
Yankelevich, Pablo

 ·  The Brazilian delegation in the making of the Bretton Woods International Agreements (1942-1944)
Barreiros, Daniel de Pinho

 ·  Abundance of currency and financial crisis in Rome: legal and economic issues around interest rates at the time of Augustus and Tiberius
Gaia, Deivid Valério

 ·  History and good citizenship in Livian Rome
Lima, Marinalva Vilar de; Cordão, Michelly Pereira de Sousa

 ·  The mestizo desert: the backlands and their inhabitants in travel records from the early 19TH century
Miranda, Luiz Francisco Albuquerque de

 ·  Europeanization and / or africanization of Medieval Spain: european cultural diversity and unity in discussion
Silveira, Aline Dias da

 ·  The wet nurse and the baby: reflections about the erasure of a face
Stancik, Marco Antonio

 ·  Images, games, rituals and spaces: the socio-cultural interactions between elites and popular sectors during the interwar. The unculture in Rosario (Argentina)
Roldán, Diego P.

 ·  University, freedom and politics in the medieval commune: a study of official letters
Oliveira, Terezinha

 ·  Notes about military reform in the Spanish transition
Mathias, Suzeley Kalil

 ·  The bureaucracy in Brazil: the foundations of the national administration in historical perspective (1920-1945)
Paiva, Carlos Henrique Assunção

 ·  "Vultures" in "eagles"' turbulence: Tavares Bastos, bank question and the struggles in Olinda Cabinet
Abreu, Eide Sandra Azevedo

 ·  Intellectuals and press: the configuration of an Hispanic-American network in the Atlantic space
Beired, José Luis Bendicho

 ·  Under the Shadow of José Carlos Mariátegui: socialism and leftist political movements in Peru (1960-1980)
Pinheiro, Marcos Sorrilha

 ·  Telling Children about the Past: an interdisciplinary perspective.
Funari, Raquel dos Santos

 ·  Profissão Artista: pintoras e escultoras acadêmicas brasileiras
Fanini, Michele Asmar

 ·  Mussolini e a ascensão do fascismo.
Gonçalves, Marcos

 ·  As religiões que o mundo esqueceu: como egípcios, gregos, celtas, astecas e outros povos cultuavam seus deuses
Marquetti, Flávia Regina

 ·  Siegfried Kracauer: penseur de l´histoire
Machado, Carlos Eduardo J.