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História (São Paulo)
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Table of contents
História vol.30 no.1 Franca Jan./June 2011

 Dossiê: Capitais sonhadas, capitais abandonadas
 ·  Dreamed capitals, abandonned capitals Considerations on the mobility of capitals in Americas (XVIIIth - XXth century)
Vidal, Laurent

 ·  The city of Rio de Janeiro and the dream of an american capital: from the vision of D. Luis da Cunha to the headquarters of the viceroyalty (1736-1763)
Bicalho, Maria Fernanda

 ·  Campos: the dreamed capital of a desired province. (1835 - 1897)
Chrysostomo, Maria Isabel de Jesus

 ·  Teresina: dreamed capital of Brazil in the nineteenth-century
Gandara, Gercinair Silvério

 ·  Urban sensibilities and representations in the transfer of the capital of Minas Gerais
Julião, Letícia

 ·  The seashore overthrown: or the notorious São Vicente defeated by the Rochela paulista. The statement of São Paulo as head of the captaincy (1681-1766)
Torrão Filho, Amilcar

 ·  Salvador, dethroned queen? (1763-1823)
Vasconcelos, Pedro de Almeida

 ·  The perception of change: the records in the city of Goiás
Oliveira, Adriana Mara Vaz de

 ·  The movements of capitals in the american west (XIXth century)
Villerbu, Tangi

 ·  The signature of the city: abandonment and dreaming in colonial Williamsburg and Ottawa
Kristmanson, Mark

 ·  São Luís, capital city of Maranhão
Martinière, Guy

 ·  Remembering the Children of Onontio: Richard White, The Middle Ground and the writing of the history of Colonial North America
Avila, Arthur Lima de

 ·  Early havana shipyard in the eighteenth century and the french influence
Serrano Alvarez, José Manuel

 ·  People and landscapes in the Royal Society of London social sciences and British imperialism (1860-1918)
Llanos Reyes, Claudio

 ·  Older forms of business: troops of trade in Diamantina in the middle of the 20th Century
Lopes, Marcos Antônio; Martins, Marcos Lobato

 ·  Ethnohistory and indigenous history: questions about concepts, methods and relevance of research
Cavalcante, Thiago Leandro Vieira

 ·  Tradition and rhetorical image: a building of opposition visual advertising in São Paulo 1932 revolt
Rodrigues, João Paulo

 ·  School memory and culture: the photographic image in survey of primary school from Curitiba
Bencostta, Marcus Levy

 ·  Les larmes de Rio: Le dernier jour d'une capitale (20 avril 1960)
Lemes, Fernando Lobo

 ·  Caricatura y poder político: Crítica, censura y represión en la ciudad de México, 1876-1888
Costa, Alexandre Andrade da