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História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369


Table of contents
História vol.30 no.2 Franca Dec. 2011

Silva, Zélia Lopes da; Silva, Marcia Pereira da

 Dossiê: História da Leitura e do Livro
 ·  The young Nietzsche, a reader of Wagner
Sochodolak, Hélio

 ·  Books come - books go: exchanges among a community of readers in the correspondence of Capistrano de Abreu and Joao Lucio de Azevedo (1916-1927)
Batista, Paula Virgínia Pinheiro

 ·  Authors, editors, readers: What do children's civic books of the Brazilian First Republic say about them?
Hansen, Patrícia Santos

 ·  From the hands of the author to the eyes of the reader. A study on school books: "Pedrinho"- A Series of Guided Reading by Lourenço Filho (1950/1970)
Cunha, Maria Teresa Santos

 ·  Textbooks from the early 20th century in Sergipe: institutional teaching material for school groups
Azevedo, Crislane Barbosa

 ·  Teacher manuals for History education and the constitution of the Brazilian History disciplinary code: 1935-1952
Schmidt, Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos

 ·  Republican Readings: production and dissemination of Brazilian Constitutional Law books during the First Republic
Pivatto, Priscila Maddalozzo

 ·  Influence and counter-influence in the inversion of the publishing power between Portugal and Brazil: narrative and activity of Portuguese publishers
Medeiros, Nuno Miguel Ribeiro de

 ·  The book "Direitos das mulheres e injustiça dos homens" (Women's Rights and Men's Injustice) by Nísia Floresta: literature, women and 19th century Brazil
Campoi, Isabela Candeloro

 ·  The art of storytelling: the arangement of the collection Contos Flumineses by Machado de Assis
Silveira, Daniela Magalhães da

 ·  "The morning": the Republic on the pages of the illustrated periodical, O Mequetrefe, 1875-1889
Lopes, Aristeu Elisandro Machado

 ·  Reverse heroism: the "antipopes" and the historiographical memory of papal policy (1040-1130)
Rust, Leandro Duarte

 ·  "Catholic, from the bottom of the heart!" One Wild Geese at Santo Ofício of Lisbon
Magalhães, Pablo Antônio Iglesias; Gabrielli, Cassiana Maria Mingotti

 ·  Foreign Immigration to Sergipe (1875 - 1930)
Ennes, Marcelo Alario

 ·  A possible imperialism: migratory flows and colonialist strategies in Mediterranean Europe (1870-1914)
Gonçalves, Paulo Cesar

 ·  Modern agriculture in Sao Paulo in the late 19th century: some proposals
Henriques, Amilson Barbosa

 ·  Contributions of historical demography toward the understanding of geographic and socioeconomic mobility: an approach to the theme
Costa, Iraci del Nero da

 ·  Popular culture: the construction of a concept of historiographic production
Domingues, Petrônio

 ·  De nova Lisboa a Brasília: a invenção de uma capital (séculos XIX-XX)
Torrão Filho, Amilcar

 ·  A arquitetura da alteridade: a cidade Luso-Brasileira na literatura de viagem (1783-1845)
Gama, Luciana