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História (São Paulo)
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Table of contents
História vol.31 no.1 Franca Jan./June 2012

Homenagem ao professor Manoel Lelo Bellotto


 Dossiê: Representações do Masculino na História
 ·  Imperial madness in ancient Rome
Winterling, Aloys

 ·  Classics military models' representations into the portuguese medieval king
Ventura, Margarida Garcez; Varandas, José; Araújo, Inês Meira

 ·  Approaches to monastic medicine in Middle Ages' Portugal
Santos, Dulce O. Amarante dos

 ·  Celestial flowers: José da Silva Lisboa's secret book, viscount of Cairú?
Magalhães, Pablo Antonio Iglesias

 ·  The imaginary about the military in French postcards (1900-1918)
Stancik, Marco Antonio

 ·  The purity of the samurai: history and politics in Yukio Mishima's thought
Mohomed, Carimo

 ·  "Being decesead in shaykh's hands": Sufism and the masculinity productions in a sufi damascene network
Chagas, Gisele Fonseca

 Artigos Livres
 ·  Memory and forgetfulness: narrative about the roman emperor and senate
Omena, Luciane Munhoz de; Funari, Pedro Paulo A.

 ·  The american world in the english written production: XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries
Lima, Lílian Martins de

 ·  The Rio de Janeiro: a court defalcated from "the best soldiers and officers" (XVII-XVIIIth centuries)
Mello, Christiane Figueiredo Pagano de

 ·  Paulistas' cultural experiences of Portuguese - Brazilian enlightenment
Leme, Marisa Saenz

 ·  An unforgiving disease: the tuberculosis and its therapeutic in South Brazil and Italy, at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century
Gill, Lorena Almeida

 ·  Log books of an engineer: work, culture and education in the South of Mato Grosso (1922-1930)
Centeno, Carla Villamaina

 ·  Catholicism and feminine work: an approximation from the Buenos Aires South West Region Press at the beginning of the XXth Century
Bracamonte, Lucía

 ·  The press apostolate: the salesian Bernardo Gentilini atuaction
Tapia, Manuel Loyola

 ·  Homophily and homosexualities: cultural receptions and continuities
Rodrigues, Rita de Cássia Colaço

 ·  Targeting the past: autonomy and protection at NPT Review Conferences (2000-2010)
Jesus, Diego Santos Vieira de

 ·  Guerras e Escritas: a correspondência de Simón Bolívar (1799-1830)
Dulci, Tereza Maria Spyer

 ·  Os baluartes da tradição: o conservadorismo católico brasileiro no Concílio Vaticano II
Gonçalves, Marcos