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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.18 no.2 Brasília July 2000

 Editor's Letters
 Invited Article
 ·  Market power in agribusiness: the case of vegetable crops
Vilela, Nirlene J.; Macedo, ManoelM. C.

 ·  Value addition to vegetable products
Junqueira, Antônio Hélio; Luengo, Rita de Fátima Alves

 ·  Growth and production of total alkaloids of 'quebra-pedra' as a result of the use of lime and nitrogen fertilization
Becker, Laura; Furtini Neto, Antônio E.; Pinto, José Eduardo B.P.; Cardoso, Maria das Graças; Santos, Custódio D.; Barbosa, Janaynna M.; Lameira, Osmar A.; Santiago, Edson J. A. de

 ·  Refrigerated container: an alternative for postharvest conservation
Teruel, Bárbara J.; Cortez, Luís A. B.; Neves Filho, Lincoln C.

 ·  Evaluation of melon inbred lines for plant and fruit characteristics
Paiva, Waldelice Oliveira de; Sabry Neto, Hassan; Lopes, Alfredo Gasparim Saraiva

 ·  Stachytarpheta cayennesis seeds germination
Rossetto, Claudia Antonia V.; Viegas, Elson de C.; Nakagawa, João

 ·  Behavior of summer carrot genotypes in fields with different etiologies of the leaf blight complex
Lopes, Carlos Alberto; Ritschel, Patrícia S.; Vieira, Jairo V.; Lima, Dejoel B.

 ·  Productivity of heat tolerant potato genotypes in two planting times in São Francisco Valley, Northeast of Brazil
Flori, José Egídio; Resende, Geraldo Milanez de

 Grower's Page
 ·  Yield of processing tomato cultivars in the São Francisco Valley
Resende, Geraldo M. de; Costa, Nivaldo Duarte

 ·  Selectivity of insecticides to predators of aphids
Gusmão, Marcos Rafael; Picanço, Marcelo; Leite, Germano L.D.; Moura, Marcelo F.

 ·  Organic fertilization in the sweet pepper production
Ribeiro, Luiz G.; Lopes, José Carlos; Martins Filho, Sebastião; Ramalho, Silvano S.

 Pesticides and Fertilizers in Test
 ·  Evaluation of cabbage cultivars and hybrids in the state of Acre
Lédo, Francisco J. da S.; Sousa, João A. de; Silva, Marcos R. da

 ·  Efficiency of different nozzle types and volume of the insecticide solution in the control of thrips in onions
Gonçalves, Paulo Antônio de S.; Palladini, Luiz A.

 ·  Evaluation of potato genotypes for resistance to Potato virus Y
Daniels, Julio