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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.19 no.3 Brasília Nov. 2001

Carta ao editor
Giordano, Leonardo Britto

 ·  Phosphorus efficiency of sweet pepper lines
Moura, Waldênia M.; Lima, Paulo César; Casali, Wagner D.; Pereira, Paulo Roberto G.; Cruz, Cosme Damião

 ·  Residual effect of fertilizer applied to potatoes on the production of snap bean
Silva, Ernani Clarete; Silva Filho, Ademar Virgolino; Alvarenga, Marco Antônio R.

 ·  Influence of the maturity stage at harvest on shelf-life of tannia leaf
Seganfredo, Rivelino; Finger, Fernando Luis; Barros, Raimundo S.; Mosquim, Paulo R.

 ·  Effects of bulbs types and nitrogen on the yield and marketable characteristics of garlic cv. "Quitéria"
Resende, Geraldo M.; Souza, Rovilson José

 ·  Performance of lettuce cultivars under different shading intensity and types of polyethylene net in Mossoró
Queiroga, Roberto Cleiton F.; Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Negreiros, Maria Zuleide; Oliveira, Ademar P.; Azevedo, Celicina Maria Silveira Borges

 ·  Evaluation of calcium nitrate level and timing of top-dressing in radish
Cardoso, Antonio Ismael Inácio; Hiraki, Hisato

 ·  Growth and development of tomato and melon seedlings using irrigation methods of overhead, ebb-and-flow and floating
Andriolo, Jerônimo L.; Boemo, Moisés P.; Bonini, Jorge V.

 ·  Types of trichomes in Lycopersicon genotypes
Toscano, Luciana C.; Boiça Júnior, Arlindo L.; Santos, Jaime Maia; Almeida, João B. S. A.

 ·  Growth and yield of grafted cucumber plants cultivated in hydroponic solution with different potassium levels
Costa, Paulo César; Cañizares, Kathia Alexandra L.; Goto, Rumy

 ·  Progress of bacterial leaf spot of pepper starting with different initial quantities of infected seedlings and treatment with the use or not of copper oxichloride
Carmo, Margarida Goréte Ferreira do; Macagnan, Dirceu; Carvalho, Aldir de Oliveira de

 ·  Resistance levels to two strains of Potato virus Y (PVY) in transgenic potatoes cv. Achat
Dusi, André N.; Carvalho, César; Torres, Antônio Carlos; Ávila, Antonio Carlos de

 Grower's Page
 ·  Influence of branch maturity on guaco sprout production by the cutting technique
Negrelle, Raquel R. B.; Doni, Maria Elisabete

 ·  Postharvest quality of cantaloupe type melon, harvested in two maturation stages
Gomes Júnior, Júlio; Menezes, Josivan B.; Nunes, Glauber H.S.; Costa, Franciscleudo B.; Souza, Pahlevi A.

 ·  Nutrient removal by potato tubers in response to potassium sulphate applications
Júnior, Roberto Anjos Reis; Monnerat, Pedro Henrique

 ·  Tomato plant growth and fruit yield under field and protected conditions
Fayad, Jamil Abdalla; Fontes, Paulo Cezar Rezende; Cardoso, Antônio Américo; Finger, Fernando Luiz; Ferreira, Francisco Affonso

 ·  Evaluation of qualitative characteristics of netted melon fruits under greenhouse conditions
Rizzo, Adriana Antonieta N.; Braz, Leila T.

 ·  Greenhouse net melon fruits yield and yield quality in response to spacing and cultivation system
Gualberto, Ronan; Resende, Francisco Vilela; Losasso, Pedro Henrique L.

 ·  Cenourete and Catetinho: the mini Brazilian carrots
Lana, Milza M.; Vieira, Jairo V.; Silva, João Bosco C.; Lima, Dejoel B.

 Pesticides and Fertilizers in Test
 ·  Snap bean production and texture of fruit under different shade levels
Souza, José Roberto P; Miglioranza, Edison; Brandão, Rosangela A.P.; Athanázio, João Carlos

 ·  Low temperature and calcium carbide effect on emergence of yam tuber-seeds
Oliveira, Ademar P.; Feitosa Júnior, Rivan J.; Bruno, Riselane Lucena A.

 ·  Production of lettuce, cucumber and sweet pepper seedlings in substrate with different combinations of sand, soil and Plantmax®
Smiderle, Oscar José; Salibe, Ariane Busch; Hayashi, Adriana Hissae; Minami, Keigo

 New Cultivar
 ·  BRS Eliza: a fresh market potato cultivar, with smooth skin and early and late blight resistance
Pereira, Arione S.; Costa, Delorge M; Daniels, Júlio; Vendruscolo, João Luis S.; Fortes, Gerson Renan L.; Bertoncini, Odone; Hirano, Élcio; Choer, Eva; Augustin, Eliane; Gomes, Cesar B.