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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.20 no.3 Brasília Sept. 2002

 Editor's Letters
 Invited Article
 ·  Insecticides for controlling the Diamondback Moth: how growers use them in the Distrito Federal?
Castelo Branco, Marina; Amaral, Pablo S.T.

 ·  Utilization of different materials for mulching in bell pepper
Queiroga, Roberto Cleiton F.; Nogueira, Isení Carlos C.; Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Moura, Antonio Roberto Brígido de; Pedrosa, Josué Fernandes

 ·  Comparison of morphological and agricultural characters with molecular ones in Brazilian strawberries
Conti, José Henrique; Minami, Keigo; Tavares, Flavio Cesar Almeida

 ·  Yield and phytosanitary problems of potato cultivars in Sergipe, Brazil
Nunes, Maria Urbana Corrêa

 ·  Application of sources and levels of calcium on production and quality of muskmelon fruits
Pereira, Ademir José; Blank, Arie F.; Alvarenga, Marco Antônio R.; Souza, Rovilson José de

 ·  CO2 injection and irrigation levels in greenhouse tomatoes
Cararo, Denis Cesar; Duarte, Sérgio N.

 ·  Selection of potato cultivars for high altitude microclimates in Central Brazil
Peixoto, Nei; Filgueira, Fernando Antonio R.; Melo, Paulo Eduardo de; Buso, José Amauri; Monteiro, Jair D.; Braz, Leila T.; Purquerio, Luis F.V.; Hamasaki, Roberto I.

 ·  Fertigation with saline water and its effects on yield of greenhouse grafted cucumber
Blanco, Flávio F.; Folegatti, Marcos Vinícius; Nogueira, Maria Cristina S.

 ·  Agronomic characteristics, yield, pod quality and genetic divergence in pole beans
Peixoto, Nei; Braz, Leila T.; Banzatto, David Ariovaldo; Moraes, Ednan A.; Moreira, Francisco M.

 ·  Effect of organic materials on the development of tomato plants and on soil chemical characteristics in greenhouse
Mello, Simone C.; Vitti, Godofredo C.

 ·  Effect of one generation of selfing over vegetative and productive traits in two family structures of globe artichoke
Cravero, Vanina P.; López Anido, Fernando S.; Cointry, Enrique L.

 ·  Controlled atmosphere storage of tomato fruit with internal bruising
Moretti, Celso Luiz; Sargent, Steven A.; Huber, Donald J.; Puschmann, Rolf

 ·  Plant growth, yield and quality of garlic bulbs under soil water deficit conditions
Marouelli, Waldir A.; Silva, Washington L. C.; Moretti, Celso L.

 ·  Selectivity and agronomic efficiency of herbicides over Digitaria horizontalis control in the watermelon crop
Maciel, Cleber D.G.; Constantin, Jamil; Goto, Rumy

 ·  Yield of coriander cultivated with cattle manure and mineral fertilization
Oliveira, Ademar P.; Silva, Virna Raquel F.; Santos, Claudiomir S.; Araújo, Jucilene S.; Nascimento, João T.

 ·  Resistance of tomato genotypes to spider mite
Maruyama, Wilson Itamar; Toscano, Luciana Cláudia; Boiça Júnior, Arlindo L.; Barbosa, José Carlos

 ·  High density of defoliated tomato plants in protected cultivation and its effects on development of trusses and fruits
Sandri, Miguel A.; Andriolo, Jerônimo L.; Witter, Márcio; Ross, Tiago dal

 ·  Development of fresh tomato, using the QFD (Quality Function Deployment) method, commercialized in a supermarket
Marcos, Sissi K.; Jorge, José Tadeu

 ·  Respiratory activity and browning of minimally processed sweet potatoes
Moretti, Celso L.; Araújo, Alessandra L.; Marouelli, Waldir A.; Silva, Washington L.C.

 Grower's Page
 ·  Yied of the lettuce and radish as a function of the time of establishment of the intercropping
Cecilio Filho, Arthur Bernardes; May, André

 ·  Seedlings production and yield of beet plants
Guimarães, Vandeir Francisco; Echer, Márcia M.; Minami, Keigo

 ·  Degeneration of potato basic seeds after one or two planting periods
Daniels, Julio; Silva, Antônio Carlos F.; Souza, Zilmar S.; Schons, Jurema

 ·  Evaluation of insecticides to control Myzus persicae (Sulz) (Homoptera: Aphididae) on lettuce crop
Zagonel, Jeferson; Reghin, Marie Y.; Dalla Pria, Maristella; Kunz, Reni Pedro

 New Cultivar
 ·  'PARÁ BELO', a tomato clone adapted in Eastern Amazon
Chengk, Simon S.; Chu, Elizabeth Y.