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Horticultura Brasileira
On-line version ISSN 1806-9991


Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.21 no.3 Brasília July/Sept. 2003

 Letter for the Editor
 ·  Application methods and dosages of thiamethoxam in thrips control on tomato plants
Raetano, Carlos Gilberto; Kobayashi, Marco Roberto; Kuwahara, Wagner Roberto; Vinchi, Rodrigo R.

 ·  Isozimatic characterization in eight accesses of dotted Smartweed
Lopes, Reginalda C.; Casali, Vicente Wagner D.; Barbosa, Luiz Cláudio A.; Cecon, Paulo R.

 ·  Genotypic, phenotypic and environmental correlations among agronomic traits and the consequences for watermelon breeding
Ferreira, Maria Aldete J.F.; Queiróz, Manoel Abílio de; Braz, Leila T.; Vencovsky, Roland

 ·  Plant spacing and pollen quantity on yield and quality of squash seeds
Lima, Márcio S. de; Cardoso, Antonio I. I.; Verdial, Marcelo F.

 ·  Effect of fertilization on the incidence of leafminer and early blight on tomato plants
Leite, Germano L.D.; Costa, Cândido A. da; Almeida, Chrystian I.M.; Picanço, Marcelo

 ·  Effects of nitrogen levels application and planting densities on green ears and grain yield
Silva, Paulo Sérgio L. e; Oliveira, Fábio Henrique T. de; Silva, Paulo Igor B. e

 ·  Genetic parameters and correlation among progenies of Lycopersicon esculentum x L. hirsutum f. glabratum for resistance to tomato pinworm
Neves, Leonarda G.; Leal, Nilton R.; Rodrigues, Rosana; Pereira, Norma Eliane

 ·  Impact of the organic fertilization on onion thrips incidence
Gonçalves, Paulo Antônio de S.; Silva, Carlos Roberto Sousa e

 ·  Vertical and sectorial distribution of whitefly nymphs on melon leaves
Azevedo, Francisco Roberto de; Bleicher, Ervino

 ·  Tomato plants production in relation to nitrogen doses and organic fertilization for two sowing times
Ferreira, Magna Maria M.; Ferreira, Gilvan B.; Fontes, Paulo Cezar R.; Dantas, José P.

 ·  Grafting effect on leaf gas exchange rates of two eggplant hybrids cultivated in greenhouse
Brandão Filho, José Usan T.; Goto, Rumy; Guimarães, Vandeir Francisco; Habermann, Gustavo; Rodrigues, João D.; Callegari, Osni

 ·  Fruit yield of muskmelon plants grown in substrate under three nutrient solutions
Andriolo, Jerônimo L.; Lanzanova, Mastrângello E.; Witter, Márcio

 ·  Production of arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza Bancroft) in increasing levels of nutrients
Portz, Adriano; Martins, Carla Andréia C.; Lima, Eduardo

 ·  Growth and development of tomato plants in substrate with re-use of drained nutrient solution
Andriolo, Jerônimo L.; Witter, Marcio; Ross, Tiago Dal; Godói, Rodrigo dos S.

 ·  Yield and quality of melon fruits in response to plastic mulch and soil tillage
Miranda, Neyton O.; Medeiros, José F.; Nascimento, Iarajane B.; Alves, Leonardo P.

 ·  Liming and urban waste vermicompost effects on production and heavy metals concentration of lettuce
Mantovani, José Ricardo; Ferreira, Manoel Evaristo; Cruz, Mara Cristina Pessôa da; Chiba, Márcio Koiti; Braz, Leila Trevizan

 ·  Efficacy of indoxacarb in the control of vegetable pests
Martinelli, Samuel; Montagna, Marco Aurélio; Picinato, Nilton César; Silva, Fábio M.A.; Fernandes, Odair Aparecido

 ·  Determination of the harvest date for garlic cultivars
Oliveira, Carlos Manoel de; Souza, Rovilson J. de; Mota, José Hortêncio; Yuri, Jony Eishi; Resende, Geraldo M. de

 ·  Growth evaluation of Gypsophila paniculata during in vitro rooting
Bosa, Nair; Calvete, Eunice Oliveira; Suzin, Marilei; Bordignon, Lucrécia

 ·  Development of young plants of gypsophila in different substrates
Bosa, Nair; Calvete, Eunice Oliveira; Klein, Vilson Antônio; Suzin, Marilei

 ·  Genetic divergence in taro accesses based on the morphological characteristics of inflorescence
Pereira, Francisco Hevilásio F.; Puiatti, Mário; Miranda, Glauco V.; Silva, Derly J.H. da; Finger, Fernando L.

 ·  Evaluation of tomato families and commercial hybrids for processing using drip irrigation system
Carvalho, José O.M.; Luz, José M.Q.; Juliatti, Fernando C.; Melo, Leonardo C.; Teodoro, Reges E.F.; Lima, Lais M.L.

 ·  Evaluation of Paulista Gherkin lines grown in beds with polyethylene mulching
Modolo, Valéria A.; Costa, Cyro Paulino da

 ·  Tupã melon: agronomic performance, fruit quality and virus resistance
Paiva, Waldelice Oliveira de; Lima, José Albérsio de Araújo; Pinheiro Neto, Luis G.; Ramos, Najara Frota; Vieira, Flávia Campos

 ·  Physiological maturation and germination of Egletes viscosa seeds submitted to drying
Bezerra, Antonio Marcos E.; Medeiros Filho, Sebastião; Freitas, João Batista S.

 ·  Forecasting insecticide susceptibility in Diamondback Moth populations from different areas of Brazil
Castelo Branco, Marina; França, Félix H.; Pontes, Ludmilla A.; Amaral, Pablo S.T.

 ·  Influence of seedling stage and grafting on tomato, Momotaro hybrid production
Lopes, Mário César; Goto, Rumy

 ·  Effect of tray types and age of seedling on the development and yield of the crisphead lettuce
Resende, Geraldo M. de; Yuri, Jony E.; Mota, José H.; Souza, Rovilson J. de; Freitas, Silvio A.C. de; Rodrigues Junior, Juarez C.

 ·  Response of snap beans cultivated in two plant densities under nonwowen protection in Brazil
Pereira, Adalberto Vitor; Otto, Rosana F.; Reghin, Marie Y.

 Grower's Page
 ·  Evaluating the knowledge of insecticide's labels by growers from an agricultural area in Distrito Federal, Brazil
Castelo Branco, Marina

 ·  Bunching onion and parsley yield and gross income in mono-cropping and inter-cropping system
Heredia Z., Néstor A.; Vieira, Maria do Carmo; Weismann, Martin; Lourenção, André L.F.

 New Cultivar
 ·  Redenção: a new tomato cultivar for industry resistant to tospovirus and geminivirus
Ferraz, Edinardo; Resende, Luciane V.; Lima, Gaus S.A.; Silva, Maria Cristina L.; França, José Geraldo Eugênio de; Silva, Deusdete José da