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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.21 no.4 Brasília Oct./Dec. 2003

 Editor's Letters
 ·  Nutrient replacement during three cultivation seasons of lettuce in hydroponics
Backes, Fernanda Alice A.L.; Santos, Osmar; Schmidt, Denise; Nogueira Filho, Hercules; Manfron, Paulo Augusto; Casaroli, Derblai

 ·  Storage of 'Brasília' carrot treated with waxes
Caron, Vanessa Cristina; Jacomino, Angelo Pedro; Kluge, Ricardo Alfredo

 ·  Effect of chemical fertilization and mulching on growth and yield of garlic from tissue culture
Correa, Tiago M.; Paludo, Seneri K.; Resende, Francisco V.; Oliveira, Paulo Sérgio R. de

 ·  Calcium management in hydroponic lettuce
Beninni, Elisabete R. Y.; Takahashi, Hideaki Wilson; Neves, Carmen Silvia V.J.

 ·  Use of 1-methycyclopropene to delay fruit ripening of tomato
Krammes, Juliana Golin; Megguer, Clarice Aparecida; Argenta, Luiz Carlos; Amarante, Cassandro Vidal Talamini do; Grossi, Daniel

 ·  Lime and gypsum effects on soil chemical characteristics and on yield and quality of tomato and melon
Faria, Clementino M.B.; Costa, Nivaldo D.; Faria, Arquimedes F.

 ·  Production of crisphead lettuce using doses and sources of phosphorus
Mota, José H.; Yuri, Jony E.; Resende, Geraldo M. de; Oliveira, Carlos M. de; Souza, Rovilson J. de; Freitas, Silvio A. C. de; Rodrigues Júnior, Juarez C.

 ·  Quality of minimally processed beet roots in different cut thickness
Vitti, Maria Carolina D.; Kluge, Ricardo Alfredo; Yamamotto, Liane K.; Jacomino, Angelo Pedro

 ·  Production of squash and cucumber in soil amended with poultry manure and pine bark
Blum, Luiz Eduardo B.; Amarante, Cassandro V.T. do; Güttler, Germano; Macedo, Alexandre F. de; Kothe, Daniel Marcelo; Simmler, Arno Otmar; Prado, Giuliani do; Guimarães, Letícia Simone

 ·  Paulista Gherkin evaluation in greenhouse
Modolo, Valéria A.; Costa, Cyro Paulino da

 ·  Agroeconomic performance of carrot x looseleaf lettuce intercrops in two strip arrangements
Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Andrade, Fábia V.; Negreiros, Maria Zuleide de; Santos Júnior, João José dos

 ·  Effect of shading on tomato plants grow under greenhouse
Sandri, Miguel Angelo; Andriolo, Jerônimo Luiz; Witter, Marcio; Dal Ross, Tiago

 ·  Yield of taro clones as a function of cutting types
Zárate, Néstor A. Heredia; Vieira, Maria do Carmo

 ·  Lettuce seedling quality using polystirene trays with different cell numbers
Marques, Patrícia Angélica A.; Baldotto, Pedro Veridiano; Santos, Ana Cláudia P.; Oliveira, Leandro de

 ·  Insecticides for the control of the South American tomato pinworm and the corn earworm and impact of those products on Trichogramma pretiosum
Castelo Branco, Marina; Pontes, Ludimilla A.; Amaral, Pablo S.T.; Mesquita Filho, Manoel V.

 ·  Quality of fresh cut melons stored under passive modified atmosphere
Arruda, Maria Cecília de; Jacomino, Angelo Pedro; Sarantópoulos, Claire I.G.L.; Moretti, Celso Luiz

 ·  Production and non-structural carbohydrates content in potato tubers obtained in two planting times
Pastorini, Lindamir H.; Bacarin, Marcos Antonio; Trevizol, Fabio Cristiano; Bervald, Clauber Mateus P.; Fernandes, Heloisa S.

 ·  A new method for estimating the leaf area index of cucumber and tomato plants
Blanco, Flávio Favaro; Folegatti, Marcos Vinícius

 ·  Sensitivity to copper streptomycin and oxitetracyclin of xanthomonads associated to bacterial spot in processing tomatoes
Quezado-Duval, Alice Maria; Gazzoto Filho, Ademir; Leite Júnior, Rui P.; Camargo, Luis Eduardo A.

 ·  Evaluation of different oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen combinations employed to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut collard greens
Moretti, Celso L.; Araújo, Alessandra L.; Mattos, Leonora M.

 ·  Guidelines for irrigation scheduling of peach palm for heart-of-palm production in the São Francisco Valley, Brazil
Bassoi, Luís Henrique; Flori, José Egídio; Silva, Emanuel Elder G. da; Silva, José Antonio M. e

 ·  Productive and qualitative characteristics of garlic cultivars
Resende, Geraldo M. de; Chagas, Silvio Júlio de R.; Pereira, Lair Victor

 ·  Yield and fruit quality of melon in different planting densities
Resende, Geraldo M. de; Costa, Nivaldo D.

 ·  Yield characteristics of watermelon in different planting spaces
Resende, Geraldo M. de; Costa, Nivaldo D.

 ·  Isolation, selection of bacteria, and effect of Bacillus spp. in the production of organic lettuce seedlings
Gomes, Andréa M.A.; Mariano, Rosa L.R.; Silveira, Elineide B.; Mesquita, Júlio C.P.

 ·  Firmness of vegetables and fruits as a determinator of the maximum allowable pile height in commercialization packages
Luengo, Rita de Fátima A.; Calbo, Adonai G.; Jacomino, Ângelo Pedro; Pessoa, José Dalton C.

 ·  Evaluation of the number and position of watermelon fruits cultivated in a greenhouse
Seabra Júnior, Santino; Pantano, Sílvio C.; Hidalgo, Ari F.; Rangel, Maurício G.; Cardoso, Antonio I.I.

 ·  Incidence of mechanical injury in arracacha roots at the postharvest handling system
Souza, Roberto Marques; Henz, Gilmar Paulo; Peixoto, José Ricardo

 Grower's Page
 ·  Effect of two types of containers on the production cost and retail price of tomato for fresh market
Luengo, Rita de Fátima Alves; Camargo Filho, Waldemar; Jacomino, Ângelo Pedro

 ·  Yield of onion cultivars in the Southern region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Resende, Geraldo M. de; Chagas, Silvio Júlio de R.; Pereira, Lair Victor

 ·  Soil water availability and growth of feverfew
Carvalho, Luciana M. de; Casali, Vicente Wagner D.; Souza, Márcio A. de; Cecon, Paulo R.

 ·  Effect of different species of border plants on the population density of thrips and syrphids predators in onion crop
Gonçalves, Paulo Antonio de Souza; Sousa e Silva, Carlos Roberto