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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.25 no.2 Brasília Apr./June 2007

 Editor's Letter
 ·  Effect of CO2 and ethylene on the dormancy period of potato cv. Macaca minitubers
Bisognin, Dilson Antônio; Benedetti, Marlova; Segatto, Fernanda Bastos; Costa, Liege Camargo da; Ritter, Carlos Evandro Leite; Brackmann, Auri

 ·  Recurrent selection for fruit yield and quality in braquitic squash
Cardoso, Antonio Ismael Inácio

 ·  Production of Italian tomato (saladete) in different plant densities and pruning systems aiming at in natura consumption
Machado, Adriana Q; Alvarenga, Marco Antônio R; Florentino, Carlos Eduardo T

 ·  Effect of planting density on green ear yield of maize cultivars bred in different periods
Silva, Paulo Sérgio L e; Duarte, Severino R; Oliveira, Fábio Henrique T de; Silva, Júlio César do V

 ·  Leaf area and flower number of nasturtium in two plant densities
Lopes, Sidinei José; Brum, Betânia; Santos, Valdecir José dos; Melo, Evanisa Fátima RQ; Santos, Osmar S dos; Couto, Mara Rúbia M

 ·  Decision making for integrated pest management of the South American tomato pinworm based on sexual pheromone traps
Benvenga, Sérgio Roberto; Fernandes, Odair Aparecido; Gravena, Santin

 ·  Production and quality of seeds and roots of carrot cultivated under organic and mineral fertilization
Bruno, Riselane de Lucena Alcântara; Viana, Jeandson Silva; Silva, Vicente Félix da; Bruno, Genildo Bandeira; Moura, Mácio Farias de

 ·  Biomass and essential oil production of Ocimum selloi as affected by cutting of inflorescences and harvest times
Costa, Larissa CB; Pinto, José Eduardo BP; Bertolucci, Suzan KV; Cardoso, Maria G

 ·  Response of phosphorus levels on okra planted in sandy soil
Oliveira, Ademar P. de; Dornelas, Carina Seixas M.; Alves, Adriana U.; Alves, Anarlete U.; Silva, Jandiê Araújo da; Oliveira, Arnaldo Nonato P. de

 ·  Water extracts for the chemical characterization of plant substrates
Abreu, Mônica Ferreira de; Abreu, Cleide Aparecida de; Sarzi, Isabele; Padua Junior, Alceu Linares

 ·  Physiological quality of Euterpe espiritosantensis seeds as affected by partial drying and storage
Martins, Cibele C; Bovi, Marilene LA; Nakagawa, João

 ·  Biological productivity in carrot and lettuce intercropping systems assessed by means of agroeconomic indicators and multicriteria methods
Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Gomes, Eliane G.; Oliveira, Antônio Marcos de

 ·  Periods of nightshade interference in processing tomato
Hernandez, Daniel D; Alves, Pedro Luís CA; Pavani, Maria do Carmo MD; Parreira, Mariana C

 ·  Accelerated aging test on pea seeds
Nascimento, Warley Marcos; Freitas, Raquel A de; Gomes, Eliana Marília L; Soares, Aline S

 ·  Morphophysiological aspects and essential oil content in Brazilian-lavender as affected by shadowing
Pinto, José Eduardo BP; Cardoso, Júlio César W; Castro, Evaristo M de; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly V; Melo, Lucas A de; Dousseau, Sara

 ·  Carrot seed germination and vigor under high temperature conditions
Pereira, Roseane Sousa; Nascimento, Warley Marcos; Vieira, Jairo Vidal

 ·  Potato genotypes with low reducing sugar content
Pereira, Arione da S; Fritsche Neto, Roberto; Silva, Roberta da S; Bender, Carolina I; Schünemann, Ana Paula; Ferri, Núbia Marilin L; Vendruscolo, João Luiz

 ·  Lettuce yield and chemical attributes of an Oxisol by application of biofertilizers from phosphate and potash rocks
Lima, Rita de Cássia Matias de; Stamford, Newton Pereira; Santos, Carolina Etienne de Rosália e Silva; Dias, Silvio Henrique Lino

 ·  Growth and essential oil content of mints at different potassium concentrations in the nutrient solution
Garlet, Tânea MB; Santos, Osmar S; Medeiros, Sandro LP; Manfron, Paulo A; Garcia, Danton C; Sinchak, Sílvia S

 ·  Fruits production of tomatoes as a result of plant training systems
Wamser, Anderson Fernando; Mueller, Siegfried; Becker, Walter Ferreira; Santos, Janaína Pereira dos

 Grower's Page
 ·  Performance of fresh market tomato cultivars under protected cultivation
Gualberto, Ronan; Oliveira, Paulo Sérgio R de; Guimarães, Alexandre de M

 ·  Yield of onion cultivars as a result of the number of seedlings per cell tray and within hole spacing
Vargas, Pablo Forlan; Braz, Leila Trevizan; May, André

 ·  Performance of coriander genotypes in the municipality of Areia
Oliveira, Ademar P de; Melo, Paulo César T. de; Wanderley Júnior, Luiz Jorge da G; Alves, Anarlete U; Moura, Macio F de; Oliveira, Arnaldo Nonato P de

 ·  Evaluation of substrates in the production of lettuce plantlets
Trani, Paulo Espíndola; Feltrin, Deise Maria; Pott, Cristiano André; Schwingel, Márcio

 ·  Yield characteristics of onion genotypes in the São Francisco River Valley
Costa, Nivaldo D; Resende, Geraldo M de; Santos, Carlos AF; Leite, Wêydjane de Moura; Pinto, José Maria

 Scientific Comunication
 ·  Production and flavor of tomato fruits subjected to top-shoot and floral cluster pruning
Guimarães, Marcelo de A; Silva, Derly José H da; Fontes, Paulo Cézar R; Caliman, Fabiano Ricardo B; Loos, Rodolfo A; Stringheta, Paulo C

 ·  Plant density and harvest methods for potato seed tuber multiplication in pots
Corrêa, Ricardo M; Pinto, José Eduardo BP; Reis, Érika S; Monteiro, Aline B; Pinto, César Augusto BP; Faquin, Valdemar

 ·  Grading of cherry tomatoes based on fruit size and weight
Fernandes, Carolina; Corá, José Eduardo; Braz, Leila T.

 ·  Process evaluation on potato packing lines
Ferreira, Marcos David; Henrique Netto, Luiz

 ·  Influence of diamondback moth embrionary egg stage on Trichogramma pretiosum females of different ages
Pratissoli, Dirceu; Polanczyk, Ricardo Antonio; Pereira, Cácia Leila Tigre; Furtado, Idana Soraya de Andrade; Cocheto, Juliéder Goronci

 ·  Effect of mechanical injuries on the quality of squash stored at room temperature
Durigan, Maria Fernanda Berlingieri; Mattiuz, Ben-Hur

 ·  Effect of mechanical injuries on the quality of watermelon stored at room temperature
Durigan, Maria Fernanda Berlingieri; Mattiuz, Ben-Hur

 ·  Quality of onion bulbs cv. Superex stored under refrigeration, when exposed to environmental conditions
Miguel, Ana Carolina Almeida; Durigan, José Fernando

 ·  Yield and fruit quality of tomato grown in substrate with zeolite
Bernardi, Alberto C. de Campos; Werneck, Carlos Guarino; Haim, Patrick Gesualdi; Botrel, Neide; Oiano-Neto, João; Monte, Marisa Bezerra de Mello; Verruma-Bernardi, Maria Regina