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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.25 no.4 Brasília Oct./Dec. 2007

 Editor's Letters
 Invited Article
 ·  Genetic resources of vegetable crops: a survey in the Brazilian germplasm collections pictured through papers published in the journals of the Brazilian Society for Horticultural Science
Sudré, Cláudia P; Leonardecz, Eduardo; Rodrigues, Rosana; Amaral Júnior, Antônio T do; Moura, Maria da CL; Gonçalves, Leandro SA

 ·  Quality of fresh-cut crisphead lettuce stored under refrigeration and two packaging systems
Mattos, Leonora M; Moretti, Celso Luiz; Chitarra, Adimilson B; Prado, Mônica ET

 ·  Identification of the F2:3 homozigotic lettuce families resistant to the root-knot nematode
Fiorini, Cibelle Vilela Andrade; Gomes, Luiz Antonio Augusto; Libânio, Ronaldo Alves; Maluf, Wilson Roberto; Campos, Vicente Paulo; Licursi, Vicente; Moretto, Paulo; Souza, Luciana Aparecida de; Fiorini, Ivan Vilela Andrade

 ·  Biological performance of carrot and lettuce intercropping systems as assessed through uni- and multivariate methods
Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Gomes, Eliane G; Nunes, Glauber Henrique de S; Oliveira, Eliane Q de

 ·  Classification of tomatoes by wholesalers and producers in Curitiba, Brazil
Rodrigues, Luciana R; Zambon, Fernanda Rita A; Muraro, Daniel

 ·  Estimating genetic diversity of onion germplasm via morphological, agronomic, and biochemical descriptors
Buzar, Anne Giselle R; Oliveira, Valter R; Boiteux, Leonardo S

 ·  Influenceof liming and phosphate fertilization on nutrients accumulation and plant growth of St. John's Wort
Amarante, Cassandro VT do; Ernani, Paulo Roberto; Souza, Alexandra G de

 ·  Melon yield and fruit quality as influenced by soil coverages, agrotextile and irrigation depth in dry season
Medeiros, José Francismar de; Santos, Saint Clair L; Câmara, Maria José T; Negreiros, Maria Zuleide de

 ·  Foliar spray of treatments in the control of downy mildew and bulb rot in onion
Wordell Filho, João Américo; Martins, Daniel A; Stadnik, Marciel J.

 ·  Yield and quality of muskmelon fruits cultivated in greenhouse with doses of nitrogen
Queiroga, Roberto Cleiton F de; Puiatti, Mário; Fontes, Paulo Cezar R; Cecon, Paulo Roberto; Finger, Fernando Luiz

 ·  Physiological and quality attributes associated with different centrifugation times of baby carrots
Moretti, Celso Luiz; Mattos, Leonora Mansur; Machado, Cristina MM; Kluge, Ricardo Alfredo

 ·  The use of sunn hemp as green manure intercropped with taro
Oliveira, Fábio Luíz de; Guerra, José Guilherme M; Ribeiro, Raul de LD; Almeida, Dejair Lopes de; Silva, Edmilson Evangelista da; Urquiaga, Segundo; Espindola, José Antônio A

 ·  Obtaining pepper F2:3 lines with resistance to the bacterial spot using the pedigree method
Riva-Souza, Elaine M; Rodrigues, Rosana; Sudré, Cláudia P; Pereira, Messias G; Viana, Alexandre P; Amaral Júnior, Antônio T do

 Scientific Comunication
 ·  Utilization of PVC film and edible films to extend the postharvest conservation of yellow melons
Batista, Patrício F; Santos, Ana Elisa O dos; Pires, Mayara Milena ML; Dantas, Bárbara F; Peixoto, Ana Rosa; Aragão, Carlos Alberto

 ·  Yield of sugar beet and rocket depending on planting times in sole crop and intercropping system
Grangeiro, Leilson C; Bezerra Neto, Francisco; Negreiros, Maria Zuleide de; Cecílio Filho, Arthur Bernardes; Caldas, Andrezza Valéria C e; Costa, Núbia L da

 ·  Quality of minimally processed tomato cv. Débora stored in two types of packages
Miguel, Ana Carolina A; Dias, João Ricardo PS; Spoto, Marta Helena F; Rizzo-Benato, Roberta Teresa

 ·  Maturation and seed quality of summer cabbage seeds under tropical conditions
Freitas, Raquel Alves de; Nascimento, Warley Marcos; Coimbra, Karuliny das Graças

 ·  Effect of the application of ethylene on the postharvest quality of red and yellow bell peppers fruits

 ·  Effect of agricultural substrates in the production of mint seedlings propagated through cuttings
Paulus, Dalva; Paulus, Eloi

 ·  Development of melonworm on different feeding substrates
Pratissoli, Dirceu; Polanczyk, Ricardo Antônio; Holtz, Anderson Mathias; Cocheto, Juliéder G; Tamanhoni, Tiago; Milanez, André M

 ·  Use of plant extracts on whitefly control in tomato grown in greenhouse
Baldin, Edson LL; Souza, Douglas R; Souza, Efrain S; Beneduzzi, Ronaldo A