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Horticultura Brasileira
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Table of contents
Hortic. Bras. vol.27 no.2 Brasília Apr./June 2009

 Editor's Letter
 Invited Article
 ·  Registration and protection of cultivars in Brazil: the experience of Embrapa Vegetables' Capsicum breeding program
Carvalho, Sabrina IC de; Bianchetti, Luciano de B; Reifschneider, Francisco JB

 ·  Yield and post-harvest conservation of onion bulbs using doses of nitrogen and potassium
Resende, Geraldo M de; Costa, Nivaldo Duarte; Pinto, José Maria

 ·  Performance and quality of tomato fruits of Santa Cruz group in greenhouse with different number of stems
Charlo, Hamilton César de O; Souza, Samuel de C; Castoldi, Renata; Braz, Leila T

 ·  Yield, parthenocarpy and sexual expression of 'caipira' cucumber lines under protected cultivation
Godoy, Amanda Regina; Castro, Márcia Maria; Cardoso, Antonio Ismael Inácio

 ·  Performance of yellow sweet peppers hybrids grown in coconut husk fiber
Charlo, Hamilton César de O; Castoldi, Renata; Fernandes, Carolina; Vargas, Pablo F; Braz, Leila T

 ·  Reaction of melon genotypes to the gummy stem blight and the downy mildew
Santos, Gil R dos; Castro Neto, Manoel D de; Ramos, Leandro N; Café-Filho, Adalberto C; Reis, Ailton; Momenté, Valéria G; Pelúzio, Joenes M; Ignácio, Maíra

 ·  Sample size for evaluation of carrot traits in agroecologic cultivation systems
Silva, Giovani Olegário da; Vieira, Jairo V; Villela, Michelle S

 ·  Fertilization with boron and potassium on sweet potato nutrition and yield
Echer, Fábio R; Dominato, Júlio C; Creste, José E; Santos, Diego H

 ·  Absorption march of nutrients and distribution of fresh and dry matter among organs of sweet-potato
Echer, Fábio R; Dominato, Júlio C; Creste, José E

 ·  Population dynamic of Benisua tabaci B biotype in monoculture tomato crop and consortium with coriander in organic and conventional crop system
Togni, Pedro HB; Frizzas, Marina R; Medeiros, Maria A de; Nakasu, Erich YT; Pires, Carmem SS; Sujii, Edison R

 ·  Combining ability in sweet pepper for resistance to powdery mildew
Marchesan, Cristina B; Melo, Arlete MT de; Paterniani, Maria Elisa AGZ

 ·  Sources of resistance against the Pepper yellow mosaic virus in chili pepper
Bento, Cíntia dos S; Rodrigues, Rosana; Zerbini Júnior, Francisco Murilo; Sudré, Cláudia P

 Scientific Comunication
 ·  Agronomic viability of onion and lettuce intercropped in the organic cultivation system
Paula, Patrícia D de; Guerra, José Guilherme M; Ribeiro, Raul de LD; Cesar, Marcius Nei Z; Guedes, Rejane E; Polidoro, José Carlos

 ·  Influence of temperature and light on the germination of marigold seed
Koefender, Jana; Menezes, Nilson L; Buriol, Galileo A; Trentin, Roberto; Castilhos, Graciela

 ·  Nitrogen sources, banana pulp and agar in the orchid seedlings in vitro development
Pasqual, Moacir; Figueiredo, Milene A de; Rezende, Juliana C de; Araújo, Aparecida G de; Santos, Flávia C; Ferreira, Ester A; Junqueira, Keize P

 ·  Day-neutral strawberry cultivars: summer yield in function of nitrogen rates
Otto, Rosana F; Morakami, Rodrigo K; Reghin, Marie Y; Caíres, Eduardo F

 ·  Influence of the irrigation schedule on growth and production of tomato during summer
Monte, José A; Pacheco, Adilson de S; Carvalho, Daniel F de; Pimentel, Carlos

 ·  Tomato development and yield under different irrigation frequencies in greenhouse
Pires, Regina CM; Furlani, Pedro R; Sakai, Emílio; Lourenção, André L; Silva, Emerson A da; Torre Neto, André; Melo, Arlete MT

 ·  Postharvest conservation of eggplant fruits by the application of cassava edible coating or PVC film
Souza, Pahlevi A de; Aroucha, Edna M Mendes; Souza, Aline ED de; Costa, Andréa RFC da; Ferreira, Gilvania de S; Bezerra Neto, Francisco

 ·  Priming seed treatment of cauliflower seeds
Kikuti, Ana Lúcia P; Marcos Filho, Julio

 Grower's Page
 ·  Yield and quality of melon in two irrigation systems
Batista, Patrício F; Pires, Mayara Milena M da L; Santos, Joice Simone dos; Queiroz, Sérgio OP de; Aragão, Carlos Alberto; Dantas, Bárbara F

 ·  Evaluation of net melon cultivars conducted with two and three fruits per plant
Charlo, Hamilton César de O; Castoldi, Renata; Vargas, Pablo F; Braz, Leila T

 ·  Performance of four vegetable soybean genotypes in two agricultural years
Castoldi, Renata; Charlo, Hamilton César de O; Vargas, Pablo F; Braz, Leila T; Mendonça, José Lindorico de; Carrão-Panizzi, Mercedes C

 New Cultivar
 ·  'Anita': a new summer lettuce cultivar suitable for protected cultivation in soil and hydroponics systems
Silva, Ernani Clarete da