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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.59 no.6 Belo Horizonte Dec. 2007

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Serum protein concentrations, including acute phase proteins, in calves with hepatogenous photosensitization
Fagliari, J.J.; Passipieri, M.; Okuda, H.T.; Silva, S.L.; Silva, P.C.

 ·  Use of temporary dilatator in cow mammary papilla submitted to experimental lesions
Gheller, V.A.; Valadão, C.A.A.; Malm, C.; Oliveira, H.P.; Rezende, C.M.F.; Melo, E.G.

 ·  Detection of Mycoplasma spp. and Ureaplasma diversum in cown with reproductive disorders
Buzinhani, M.; Metiffogo, E.; Timenetsky, J.

 ·  Erythrocytometry and seric proteinogram of umbilical cord and jugular of foals at birth and respective mothers
Godoy, R.F.; Santana, A.E.; Campos Filho, E.; Oliveira, J.V.

 ·  Spread of virus of Aujeszky's disease by the trade of replacement swine breeders
Mores, N.; Amaral, A.L.; Ventura, L.; Zanella, J.R.C.; Mori, A.; Dambrós, J.A.; Provenzano, G.; Bisolo, I.

 ·  Rapid detection of Salmonella sp. in pork samples using fluorescent in situ hybridization: a comparison with VIDAS®-SLM system and ISO 6579 cultural method
Vieira-Pinto, M.; Oliveira, M.; Bernardo, F.; Martins, C.

 ·  Morphometric and quantitative characterization of atrial ganglion neurons from the intercaval region in dogs with dilated cardiomyopathy
Camacho, A.A.; Oliveira-Alves, R.; Klein, R.P.; Sousa, M.G.

 ·  Ultrasonography and color Doppler investigation of transicional cell carcinoma of the bladder in dogs
Froes, T.R.; Iwasaki, M.; Campos, A.G.; Torres, L.N.; Dagli, M.L.Z.

 ·  Evaluation of two portable meters for blood glucose measurements in dogs
Bluwol, K.; Duarte, R.; Lustoza, M.D.; Simões, D.M.N.; Kogika, M.M.

 ·  Transcranial ultrasonography in dogs with central neurologycal disorders
Carvalho, C.F.; Andrade Neto, J.P.; Jimenez, C.D.; Diniz, S.A.; Cerri, G.G.; Chammas, M.C.

 ·  Twenty-four-hour ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring in dogs with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy
Yamaki, F.L.; Soares, E.C.; Pereira, G.G.; Oliveira, V.M.C.; Larsson, M.H.M.A.

 ·  Surgical techniques for obstructive urolithiasis in small ruminants: cases reports
Dória, R. G. S.; Canola, P.A.; Dias, D.P.M.; Pereira, R.N.; Valadão, C.A.A.

 ·  Comparison of behavioral and clinical effects of intravenous amitraz or romifidine administration in horses
Mendes, M.C.; Reis, R.G.; Valadão, C.A.A.; Marques, J.A.

 ·  Effect of dexmedetomidine on the heart arrhythmia induced by the adrenaline in dogs anesthetized by sevoflurane
Barbosa, V.F.; Nunes, N.; Conceição, E.D.V.; Nishimori, C.T.; Paula, D.P.; Ferro, P.C.; Carareto, R.

 ·  Evaluation of clinical results of decompressive surgery in dogs with degenerative disk disease
Arias, M.V.B.; Nishioka, C.M.; Garcia, C.O.; Reia, A.Z.; Baraúna Júnior, D.; Marcasso, R.A.

 ·  Bone morphogenetic proteins associated with autogenous bone graft in the reparation of calvarial experimental defects of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Monteiro, B.S.; Del Carlo, R.J.; Pinheiro, L.C.P.; Viloria, M.I.V.; Silva, P.S.A.; Souza, L.P.O.; Balbinot, P.Z.

 ·  Transplantation of cryopreserved canine amniotic membrane for cicatrisation in cornea with limbal stem cells deficiency in rabbits
Cremonini, D.N.; Ranzani, J.J.T.; Marques, M.E.A.; Rodrigues, G.N.; Brandão, C.V.S.

 ·  Dinamics of naturally Eimeria spp. infected Santa Inês lambs reared under semi-intensive conditions in Northern Minas Gerais, Brazil
Silva, T.P.; Facury Filho, E.J.; Nunes, A.B.V.; Albuquerque, F.H.M.A.R.; Ferreira, P.M.; Carvalho, A.U.

 ·  Acanthocephala infections in captives lion tamarins Leontopithecus (Lesson, 1840): clinical pathologic aspects. Callitrichidae-Primates
Pissinatti, L.; Pissinatti, A.; Burity, C.H.F.; Mattos Jr., D.G.; Tortelly, R.

 ·  Sanitary profile in mice and rat colonies in laboratory animal houses in Minas Gerais: I - Endo and ectoparasites
Bicalho, K.A.; Araújo, F.T.M.; Rocha, R.S.; Carvalho, O.S.

 ·  Nonspecificity of parasitism on Argas (Persicargas) miniatus Koch, 1844 (Acari: Argasidae)
Lorosa, E.S.; Andrade, R.E.; Valente, M.V.M.; Faria, M.S.; Cruz, J.R.; Gazeta, G.S.

 ·  Sexual dimorphism of the parakeet (Touist sp.) trachea and syrinx
Bottino, F.; Artoni, S.M.B.; Oliveira, D.; Pacheco, M.R.; Amoroso, L.; Tovar, M.C.H.; Sagula, A.

 ·  Profile and regulation of annexin II expression during early embryogenesis in cattle
Costa, L.F.S.; Machado, M.S.N; Oliveira, J.F.C.; Silva, J.C.; Loguercio, R.S.; Gonçalves, P.B.D.

 ·  Follicular dynamics of lactating Toggenburg does treated with recombinant bovine somatotropin
Amorim, E.A.M.; Torres, C.A.A.; Amorim, L.S.; Fonseca, J.F.; Bruschi, J.H.; Guimarães, J.D.; Carvalho, G.R.; Alves, N.G.; Cecon, P.R.

 ·  Sucess of cooling and freezing of pirapitinga (Brycon nattereri) semen
Oliveira, A.V.; Viveiros, A.T.M.; Maria, A.N.; Freitas, R.T.F.; Izaú, Z.A.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Ionophores evaluation by intracellular potassium depletion and in vitro gas production
Leopoldino, W.M.; Lana, R.P.; Eifert, E.C.; Arcuri, P.B.; Mantovani, H.C.; Martins, R.G.R.

 ·  Dry mater intake, milk yield, and heat stress indicators of dairy cows fed diets with cashew nut
Pimentel, P.G.; Moura, A.A.A.N.; Neiva, J.N.M.; Araújo, A.A.; Tair, R.F.L.

 ·  Fermentation pattern of silages from five sorghum genotypes
Ribeiro, C.G.M.; Gonçalves, L.C.; Rodrigues, J.A.S; Rodriguez, N.M.; Borges, I.; Borges, A.L.C.C.; Saliba, E.O.S.; Castro, G.H.F.; Ribeiro Junior, G.O.

 ·  Degradation and fermentation kinetics of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu at differents cutting ages
Castro, G.H.F.; Graça, D.S.; Gonçalves, L.C.; Mauricio, R.M.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Borges, I.; Tomich, T.R.

 ·  Performance of EV1 meat type quail line fed different lysine level diets
Corrêa, G.S.S.; Silva, M.A.; Corrêa, A.B.; Fontes, D.O.; Santos, G.G.; Dionello, N.L.; Wenceslau, R.R.; Felipe, V.P.S.; Ferreira, I.C.; Sousa, J.E.R.

 ·  Qualitative feed restriction on productive performance and lipid metabolism in broiler chickens
Cornejo, S.; Gadelha, A.C.; Pokniak, J.; Villouta, G.

 ·  Occurrence of Bacillus cereus in Whole milk and enterotoxigenic potential of the isolated strains
Rezende-Lago, N.C.M.; Rossi Jr., O.D.; Vidal-Martins, A.M.C.; Amaral, L.A.

 ·  Microbiological quality of artisanal minas cheese, manufactured in the region of Serro-MG
Brant, L.M.F.; Fonseca, L.M.; Silva, M.C.C.

 ·  Equine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (EME) in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Ferrão, C.M.; Aboud-Dutra, A.E.; Gazêta, G.S.

 ·  Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida occurrence in healthy and affected lambs
Viana, L.; Gonçalves, R.C.; Oliveira Filho, J.P.; Paes, A.C.; Amorim, R.M.

 ·  Brucella abortus infection in dog: case report
Megid, J.; Salgado, V.R.; Keid, L.B.; Siqueira, A.K.; Meirelles, C.E.; Moretti, D.M.

 ·  Normal microbiota of the perialveolar region of incisors of rats
Araújo, F.R.G.; Castro, C.M.M.B.; Severo, M.S.; Diniz, M.F.A.; Viana, M.T.; Evêncio, L.B.

 ·  Parasitoids of dipterous collected in buffalo dung in a rural property in Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil
Marchiori, C.H.; Silva Filho, O.M.; Milhomem, M.E.V.; Leles, A.S.

 ·  Total mercury in sharks along the southern Brazilian Coast
Mársico, E.T.; Machado, M.E.S.; Knoff, M.; São Clemente, S.C.

 ·  Sanitary profile of goat flocks in Cariri micro regions, Paraiba State, Brazil
Bandeira, D.A.; Castro, R.S.; Azevedo, E.O.; Melo, L.S.S.; Melo, C.B.