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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.60 no.2 Belo Horizonte Apr. 2008

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Risk factors for subclinical mastitis in dairy cows
Coentrão, C.M.; Souza, G.N.; Brito, J.R.F.; Paiva e Brito, M.A.V.; Lilenbaum, W.

 ·  Ovarian activity of dairy cows receiving diets with propylene glycol or monensin during the transition period
Artunduaga, M.A.T.; Sá Fortes, R.V.; Coelho, S.G.; Reis, R.B.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Carvalho, A.U.; Marques Júnior, A.P.

 ·  Multiplex PCR for identification of Clostridium chauvoei and Clostridium septicum
Assis, R.A.; Lobato, F.C.F.; Lobato, Z.I.P.; Camargos, M.F.; Nascimento, R.A.P.; Vargas, A.P.C.; Salvarani, F.M.; Uzal, F.A.

 ·  An alternative method for Staphylococcus aureus DNA isolation
Chapaval, L.; Moon, D.H.; Gomes, J.E.; Duarte, F.R.; Tsai, S.M.

 ·  Irrigation of thymus in Paraiso Pedres lineage (Gallus gallus domesticus) birds
Santana, M.I.; Bombonato, P.P.; Araújo, L.V.; Castello, A.P.F.; Escanhoela, T.B.

 ·  Nasal obstruction caused by fungal granuloma in a horse: case report
Zoppa, A.L.V.; Crispim, R.; Sinhorini, I.L.; Benites, N.R.; Silva, L.C.L.C.; Baccarin, R.Y.A.

 ·  Leukogram and plasma acute phase protein concentrations in horses with acute abdomen submitted to treatment by laparotomy
Fagliari, J.J.; Silva, S.L.; Silva, P.C.; Pereira, G.T.

 ·  Cardiovascular assessment in horses sedated with xylazine or amitraz
Linardi, R.L.; Canola, J.C.; Valadão, C.A.A.

 ·  Digital neurectomy in horses: comparison of guillotine and stripping techniques
Faleiros, R.R.; Tinto, J.J.R.; Escobar, A.; Alves, G.E.S.

 ·  Urethral duplication in a dog: case report
Stedile, R.; Contesini, E.A.; Oliveira, S.T.; Beck, C.A.C.; Oliveira, E.C.; Alievi, M.M.; Driemeie, D.; Muccillo, M.S.

 ·  Experimental rhinoplasty using autogenous rib graft in dogs
Santos Junior, E.B.; Contesini, E.A.; Beheregaray, W. K.; Schiochet, F.; Pöppl, A.; Moura, L.; Pelizari, M.; Kroth, E.

 ·  Refraction by streak retinoscopy in dogs
Ranzani, J.J.T.; Mobricci, L.A.L.; Carvalho, L.R.; Brandão, C.V.S.

 ·  Corneal thickness measured by ultrasound pachymeter and by Topcon SP-2000P specular microscope Topcon SP-2000P in cats
Ranzani, J.J.T.; Mobricci, L.A.L.; Brandão, C.V.S.; Chiurciu, J.L.V.; Cremonini, D.N.; Rodrigues, G.N.

 ·  Effects of several inspired oxygen fractions on the bispectral index in dogs submitted to continuous infusion of propofol
Lopes, P.C.F.; Nunes, N.; Nishimori, C.T. D.; Carareto, R.; Paula, D.P.; Sousa, M.G.; Santos, P.S.P.; Borges, P.A.

 ·  Cervical chemonucleolysis associated to ventral slot in dogs: clinical-surgical, radiological, and histological aspects
Daibert, A.P.F.; Del Carlo, R.J.; Monteiro, B.S.; Viloria, M.I.V.; Tsiomis, A.C.; Pinheiro, L.C.P.

 ·  Standardization of three polyvalent ELISA based on long chain lipopolysaccharides of serotypes 1 and 5, 2, 3 and 7, or 10 and 12 of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
Kuchiishi, S.S.; Carvalho, L.F.O.S.; Piffer, I.A.; Kich, J.D.; Ramenzoni, M.L.F.

 ·  Seminal plasma factor associated to post-thawing swine sperm membrane integrity
Bianchi, I.; Collares, T.; Campos, V.F.; Cavalcanti, P.V.; Kaefer, C.; Corrêa, E.K.; Dellagostin, O.A.; Lucia Jr., T.; Deschamps, J.C.; Corrêa, M.N.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Covariance structure of body weight in function of age for Nellore animals from Southeast and Center West of Brazil
Valente, B.D.; Silva, M.A.; Silva, L.O.C.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Pereira, J.C.C.; Fridrich, A.B.; Ferreira, I. C.; Corrêa, G.S.S.

 ·  Protein enrichment of cactus pear with Saccharomyces cerevisiae for ruminants feeding
Araújo, L.F.; Silva, F.L.H.; Brito, E.A.; Oliveira Júnior, S.; Santos, E.S.

 ·  Association of the heart fatty acid-binding protein gene with quality of carcass and meat traits in pigs
Figueiredo, F.C.; Lopes, P.S.; Pinto, A.P.G.; Paiva, D.A.F.; Mendonça, P.T.; Guimarães, S.E.F.

 ·  Reproductive disorders and reconception of beef cows according to of mating age
Gottschall, C.; Ferreira, E.; Canellas, L.; Bittencourt, H.R.

 ·  Feed intake, performance and profitability of Nellore and crossbred (Brangus x Nellore) steers finished in pastures, supplemented with mineralized salt and nitrogenous salt with urea or starea
Ítavo, L.C.V.; Tolentino, T.C.P.; Ítavo, C.C.B.F.; Gomes, R.C.; Dias, A.M.; Silva, F.F.

 ·  Economical results of milk production systems in Lavras region (MG) throughout the years 2004 and 2005: a multicase study
Lopes, M.A.; Cardoso, M.G.; Carvalho, F .M.; Lima, A.L.R.; Dias, A.S.; Carmo, E.A.

 ·  Utilization of nutrients in broilers fed diets supplemented with phytase and reduced nonphytate phosphorus levels
Oliveira, M.C.; Gravena, R.A.; Marques, R.H.; Guandolini, G.C.; Moraes, V.M.B.

 ·  Performance and morphology of intestinal mucosa of broilers fed mannan-oligosaccharides and enzymes
Oliveira, M.C.; Rodrigues, E.A.; Marques, R.H.; Gravena, R.A.; Guandolini, G.C.; Moraes, V.M.B.

 ·  Evaluation of the coefficient of variation as a precision measure in experiments with broilers
Mohallem, D.F.; Tavares, M.; Silva, P.L.; Guimarães, E.C.; Freitas, R.F.

 ·  Genetic trajectory estimates of meat type quail lines using random regression models
Dionello, N.J.L.; Correa, G.S.S.; Silva, M.A.; Corrêa, A.B.; Santos, G.G.

 ·  Tissue composition and fat quality of meat of intact or castrated male lambs confined under two photoperiods
Klein Júnior, M.H.; Siqueira, E.R.; Roça, R.O.

 ·  Utilization of triticale and of enzymes in pig diets: digestibility and metabolism
Hauschild, L.; Lovatto, P.A.; Lehnen, C.R.; Carvalho, A.d'A.; Alebrante, L.

 ·  Performance and fillet composition of jundiá (Rhamdia quelen) submitted to different diets in the rearing
Lazzari, R.; Radünz Neto, J.; Pedron, F.A.; Veiverberg, C.A.; Bergamin, G.T.; Lima, R.L.; Emanuelli, T.; Steffens, C.

 ·  Peracute bovine mastitis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae
Ribeiro, M.G.; Motta, R.G.; Paes, A.C.; Allendorf, S.D.; Salerno, T.; Siqueira, A.K.; Fernandes, M.C.; Lara, G.H.B.

 ·  Bovine diprosopus
Rotta, I.T.; Torres, M.B.A.M.; Motta, R.G.

 ·  Hematological profile of healthy Pantaneiro horses
Ribeiro, C.R.; Fagliari, J.J.; Galera, P.D.; Oliveira, A.R.

 ·  Salmonella contamination in an egg production chain of a laying hens integration
Kottwitz, L.B.M.; Back, A.; Leão, J.A.; Alcocer, I.; Karan, M.; Oliveira, T.C.R.M.

 ·  Estimates of genetic and environmental effects on age at first conception of gilts
Cavalcante Neto, A.; Lui, J.F.; Sarmento, J.L.R.; Ribeiro, M.N.; Monteiro, J.M.C.; Fonseca, C.; Tonhati, H.

 ·  Optimization of analytical method for aflatoxins determination in goats feedstuffs and their occurrence in the state of Bahia
Batatinha, M.J.M.; Botura, M.B.; Simas, M.M.S.; Mallmann, C.A.; Bittencourt, T.C.B.S.C.; Sabino, M.

 ·  Detection of antibiotic resistance in clinical bacterial strains from pets
Poeta, P.; Rodrigues, J.

 ·  Effect of Mannheimia granulomatis on fibroblastos cultures
Ladeira, S.; Gomes, F.R.; Vidor, T.; Portianski, E.L.; Gimeno, E.J.

 ·  In vitro activity of the essential oil of Origanum vulgare against Sporothrix schenckii
Cleff, M.B.; Meinerz, A.R.M.; Schuch, L.F.D.; Rodrigues, M.R.A.; Meireles, M.C.A.; Mello, J.R.B.

 ·  Prevalence and profile of resistance to antimicrobials of Salmonella serovars isolated from raw pork sausage in Lages, SC
Spricigo, D.A.; Matsumoto, S.R.; Espíndola, M.L.; Vaz, E.K.; Ferraz, S.M.